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“Eight vaping biomarkers are being reduced …”  

“Eight vaping biomarkers are being reduced …”  

That is the call JUUL Labs made after backing a clinical study, revealing at least eight interesting topic points for the industry’s most dominating U.S. company.   

Researchers claimed at a Feb. 23 conference that if smokers of traditional cigarettes switch to JUUL products they will discover hazardous chemical exposure levels that are nearly identical to the biomarkers of those who attempted to cease smoking cold, without the aid of vaping, according to a blog.   

JUUL sanctioned the study in response to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) threat to pull certain flavored products from retail stores if companies cannot prove their products are a true aid to helping smokers quit and they will be denied access to minors. Data for the study was compiled by committing 90 smokers to follow three different program paths, lasting five days.   

Study officials directed the first group of participants to vape instead of smoking traditional cigarettes. The second group was commanded to stop smoking without vaping and the third continued to smoke.   

When blood and urine samples were collected, eight biomarkers of exposure (BOE) remained virtually the same for the first two groups. For those in the vaping group, 85 percent of BOEs were reduced; 85.3 percent for the no smoking group.  

Meanwhile, the BOE levels for the individuals in the smoking group came up 14.4 percent higher than the study’s baseline numbers, which was established when all of the research subjects started the study by being tested after not smoking for 12 hours, according to 

In a press release JUUL Labs CEO Kevin Burns commented on the study’s results:   

“The equivalent reductions in these specific cigarette-related biomarkers … reaffirms the role vapor products can have for the adult smoker.” 

The call continues: 

“Eight biomarkers are being reduced …” 

“Eight biomarkers are being reduced …”

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