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The World Health Organization (WHO) has not altered its philosophy. Its point is hard to debate.

Smoking traditional cigarettes remains an international enigma, the top preventable cause for more than seven million annual deaths, according to

Researcher Alexis Bailey stressed the preventable aspect while presenting preliminary data from his recent research at SRNT, a noted conference on nicotine and tobacco, which was staged in Munich in September.

Since vaping was initially introduced in the United Kingdom 12 years ago, e-cigarette users have steadily increased, the numbers largely made up of former smokers and individuals attempting to quit. Currently, an estimated 3.2 million vape in the UK, reported.

Bailey’s research, titled “SmokeFreeBrain,” studied potential e-cigarette health risks, compared to combustible cigarettes. The study analyzed the health patterns of heavy smokers trading in cigarettes for e-cigarettes for a period of 28 days. Among the information collected on the 31 subjects who completed the research were biomarkers of toxicity, brain activity, cardiovascular, psychometric, and quality of life.

Bailey’s research team detected “subtle but significant changes in psychometric parameters and a considerable reduction in biomarkers of toxicity,” reported.

Making the switch to vaping showed positive results for easing brain reactions in areas focused on addictive properties, thus reducing cravings for traditional cigarettes. It also decreased nicotine exposure “significantly” and other harmful tobacco-induced biomarkers.

“Our preliminary findings support electronic cigarettes as an effective way of stopping smoking, quickly inducing beneficial changes in various measures of psychometric health and the craving to smoke,” Bailey was quoted as saying.

Despite the findings of his research and a growing list of benefits e-cigarettes are proving to have over cigarettes, Bailey issued caution with anything individuals inhale.

“Caution has to be taken over their use,” he said. “E-cigarettes are not without risks and there is an ever-expanding growth of new products on the market.”

With mounting studies, it’s getting harder for critics to deny Bailey’s findings of benefits e-cigarettes have over traditional cigarettes.

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