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For those tracking the good news/bad news alerts within the vaping industry, here’s one for the good news ledger.

A Taiwan vaping study concluded a strong relationship exists between teen vaping and a high rate of success in adolescents quitting smoking combustible cigarettes.

Data was analyzed from the Taiwan Global Youth Tobacco Survey, which featured individuals who were between 12 and 18 years old from 2014 through 2016. With the information in hand, the researchers released the study titled “Electronic Cigarette Use and Attempts to Quit Smoking Cigarettes Among Adolescents in Taiwan.” It was published in NCBI in October.

A Republic of China, the island nation of Taiwan lists a population of nearly 23 million, of which five million are smokers. With the detaining efforts of the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act, Taiwan listed an adult smoking rate of 18 percent in 2014, the lowest mark since 1990, according to published reports.

The researchers in Taiwan recently collected subject data on e-cigarette use during the previous 30 days prior to taking part in the study and then contrasted the information with the number of attempts to quit traditional cigarettes over the previous 12 months.

The conclusion?

At the time of the subjects taking part of the most recent survey, a high percentage of e-cigarette users claimed to be attempting to quit smoking or had quit not long before.

That certainly could be considered good news for those tracking international headlines.

On the domestic front, multiple U.S. researchers concluded on-going vapers were connected to higher quitting rates of traditional cigarettes.

Studying population data, NIHS and TUS-CPS released information that seemed to parallel the results from Taiwan Global Youth Tobacco Survey.

Both NHIS and TUS-CPS suggested their unique data backed up the notion vaping entices attempts to quit smoking combustible cigarettes.

Two more bits of good news for the ledger, right?

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