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Speaking loudly and often, JUUL Labs declares its popular vaping devices are produced and marketed only for adults.

Wrong, a recent study suggested.

According to BMJ Journals, a study showed JUUL benefited from marketing its “cool” devices on platforms popular with teenagers.

The study accused the San Francisco-based company of developing a marketing campaign via social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. By these mediums, JUUL was able to connect with tech-savvy individuals, which, in reality, is just about anyone who didn’t grow up with a mullet.

Georgia State University Associate Professor of Health Management and Policy Jidong Huang served as the study’s lead author.

Owner of more than 70 percent of the U.S. vaping market, JUUL’s foundation of dominant growth over the past few years has been its popularity among minors, the study said.

“Targeted cross-platform social media campaigns, although they cost little, can have substantial influence on people’s attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors related to these products,” researchers said in a statement.

While scores of vaping companies produce social-media advertising, the study concluded JUUL’s campaign was the most effective. Online messaging, as opposed to a billboard posting or magazine ad, has several advantages, highlighted by being budget-friendly and accessible to a wide range of target markets.

While sales continue to rise, JUUL’s corporate office is not headache-free. It faces a series of lawsuits for potentially misleading marketing tactics and constant criticism from public officials, who proclaim the fledgling vaping industry has not been studied enough to understand all possible health risks.

Although a majority of recent research concluded, when compared to traditional combustible cigarettes, e-cigarettes carry fewer health risks and can serve as a qualified cession tool for individuals who want to quit smoking.

According to an email sent to Business Insider, a JUUL official said:

“We cannot be more emphatic on this point: no minor or non-smoker/vaper should ever use Juul products. Underage use is directly opposed to our mission of eliminating combustible cigarettes by offering the world’s one billion existing adult smokers a true alternative.”

It’s obvious who is listening to JUUL’s advertising.

Who is listening to what it says about its intended target market?

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