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Light and fluffy whipped strawberry mixed into an airy macaroon base. It’s almond-y, it’s buttery, it’s everything you’d expect from a macaroon e-liquid. Dinner Lady hit it out of the park with Strawberry Macaroon!

First Impressions:

I totally dig the branding on the new Tuck Shop line by Dinner Lady. They’ve kept everything professional, simple, and avoided having issues with copyright altogether (no cartoon character rip-offs, no food label lookalikes…).

I’ve been a big fan of Dinner Lady (formally Vape Dinner Lady) from the very beginning. A few of their flavors from the past were REALLY good (lemon tart) and a handful were mediocre at best. Their new line of flavors all sounded too good to pass up (especially the Tuck Shop line!). I hoped that Strawberry Macaroon would make up for some Dinner Lady’s previous attempts at a berry flavor.

Flavor Profile:

A combination of creamy almond coconut macaroons topped with a delicious portion of fresh strawberries in this delightful take on a classic.


Strawberry whipped cream was the first thing that came to mind for me. Aromas of liquid butter and coconut linger in the foreground, along with a faint nutty bread.

My Setup:

A set of 3mm dual core claptons loaded on the deck of the Drop Dead RDA by Hellvape. Pulsed on my dual 18650 parallel Titan Box, airflow shutdown 50% for the majority of this review.


Front – Fresh ripened strawberries right off the bat. A fluffy cream supports the berries, removes some (but not all) of the natural tartness, and adds a smooth sweetness to the mix. There’s a nutty characteristic to the liquid that I cannot quite put my finger on; if I had to guess, I’d lean towards cashew or peanut. A small amount of liquid butter amplifies the nutty aspect of the liquid, and creates a pho-pie crust kind of flavor.

Middle – The fruity base becomes more pronounced, and really reaches a strawberry and cream smoothie kind of consistency (not literally of course, but it you can almost imagine it!). I was way off on the nut variety – it is most definitely an almond. Where in some liquids, the nuttiness can really overpower other flavor components – here, it has been balanced very well. Notes of butter and sugar, in combination with the almond, help create that classic macaroon cookie. Very tasty!

End – A fluffy strawberry macaroon slowly melts away almost as quickly as it came about. A bit of residual butter on the end makes for a creamy mouthfeel, and really helps authenticate the flavor as a whole.

Aftertaste – Absolutely no lingering. There’s a good amount of sugar working in Strawberry Macaroon. Thankfully most of the sweeteners are of the natural variety: fruits and creams, and the aftertaste is not negatively effected in anyway.

Cloud Production:

Your typical 70/30 blend. You won’t be taking home first place at your next cloud competition with a bottle of this stuff.

Product Info:

Size/s – 60ml (US version)

Available Nic – 0, 3 and 6mg (US version)

VG/PG ratio – 70/30

Price – $17.99

Bottle type – Lip stick shaped bottle or standard gorilla (depending on country)

Final Thoughts:

Miles better than the original Vape Dinner Lady (now just Dinner Lady) Strawberry Custard. The berry flavor here is authentic, and the macaroon side of this vape really takes this mix home for the win.

Recommendable? You better believe it. If you weren’t the biggest fan of Strawberry Custard, but saw the potential, than this is an absolute must try!

ADV? Yes please. This one is very good, there’s not a thing I’d change about it!

Purchase Strawberry Macaroon here.

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