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Straightening vape wire is an important step in any coil build. It takes minimal effort to complete, and helps ensure your end product will perform. Today, we’ll walk you through the steps required to straighten that metal!

In the tutorial above, various gauges of Kanthal wire are straightened. This technique can be used with any type of wire you choose to build your coil with, including stainless steel, nichrome, and other specialty wires. Oh, and if you want to build your own coils full-time, invest in a good tool kit!

Inserting Wire In Drill

After you’ve cut your wire to length (depending on build type, this length will vary), you’ll need to insert on end of your wire into the chuck of the drill you’re going to use. After you’ve inserted the wire in the drill, make sure it has been secured by giving it a good tug. If it comes out of the chuck, you’ll need to find another way to fasten the metal.

Holding The Wire

Before you can start twisting the wire in the drill, you’ll need to hold the opposite end of the wire. Pliers work best for this, but you can also make twist the end of you metal around a builders rod.

Twisting The Wire

Like mentioned in the video above, it does not matter which direction the drill is spinning (clockwise/counter clockwise). Just make sure you continue spinning the drill in the same direction throughout the entire process.

When you first start out, you’ll want to spin the drill at a relatively low speed. Tightly hold the free end of the metal with the tool of your choice, so that there is no slack in the wire (or very little), and that no part of the wire is touching your work surface.

Twist the wire at a low speed for about 8-10 seconds, or at a faster speed (once you get the hang of it) for 3-5 seconds. After you’ve stopped the drill, do not let go of your pliers!

While keeping tension of the wire, run your finger down the length of the metal (starting at the chuck) until you have reached the end secured by your other tool. This step ensures that your wire does not kink up after spinning, and that it stays straight throughout. You can now release the tension on the wire, and open/remove the wire from your tool.

Removing From The Drill

Now that you have successfully straightened your building wire, you’ll need to remove it from the drill. To do this, simple open the chuck and pull the wire out.

Using Straightened Wire

Straightened vape wire is easier to use, can be twisted more, and makes complex builds that much easier. Simple builds like single gauge parallels become easier, as the straightened wire will sit perfectly flat on your builders rod while wrapping.

If you’re into building, you’ll may even spend time straightening a foot of wire or more at a time. As long as you can keep tension on the wire, and ensure that it does not touch your work surface while spinning, you should be good to go (I normally stay under 2′, as more length becomes a pain!).

Wrapping It Up

That’s It! You now have the necessary skills required to straighten wire for any build you attempt in the future. While straightening wire is not a requirement for some coils, it is always suggested!

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