12 Rules to Follow When Vaping in Hot Weather
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Summer is here — and that means more time spent enjoying the nice weather and your vape. Before venturing out in the heat with your favorite setup, here are a few simple Battery safety guidelines you should follow.


The cells used in most vapes achieve an optimum service life at room temperature (30C/68F).  During the summertime, when the temperatures really start to rise, it is important to keep a few things in mind:

1. At 86F (30C) cycle life is reduced by 20%

2. At 104F (40C) cycle life is reduced by 40%

3. When a cell is discharged at 113F (45C), cycle life is half of what should be expected when operated at optimal temperatures.


Batteries do not fare well under high heat operation. A recommended compensation while charging is 3mV(millivolts) per cell for every +1C increase in temperature. In layman’s terms: If charger float voltage is set to 2.30V/cell (at 25C –77F), voltage should be read at 2.27V/cell (at 35C — 95F) instead.

When vaping at elevated temperatures, it is important to keep in mind that:

  1. The efficiency of nickel-based batteries will decrease at charge temperatures above 86F (30C).
  2. At 113F (45C) nickel-based batteries will only accept 70% of their listed full capacity (EX: Fully charging a 2,000mah cell at 113F, users can expect 1,400mah total).
  3. At 140F (60C), the charge acceptance of nickel-based batteries is further reduced to 45% of capacity. (EX: A 2,000mah cell charged at 140F will perform like a much smaller 1,100mah battery)

Simply put: any Li-Ion batteries are exposed to elevated temperatures will show a decrease in longevity.


When the temperatures rise, it is important to care for your vape devices as you would other electronics. Charging and discharging (charging and using) above room temperature for extended periods of time, increases the possibility of venting (i.e. generated hydrogen and oxygen gases released to prevent further damage).

There are a few simple rules you can follow to avoid any adverse reaction associated with high temperature (temps exceeding 100F/30C) use:

  • Do not store vape devices/batteries in a hot car
  • Expect to vape pens and all-in-ones to lose charge more quickly than normal
  • Always charge cells and devices indoors at room temperature
  • Consistent use in hot conditions will reduce overall cell longevity – new batteries will need to be purchased more often
  • ALWAYS separate batteries from metal objects. An easy way to ensure you never forget this simple safety measure is to store your batteries in a plastic carrying case.
  • ALWAYS check the condition of your battery wraps before and after each use. Even the slightest imperfection should be taken seriously (ding, dent, scratch, discoloration, bulge); new wraps can be purchased online, and installed with minimal effort.


Follow these simple guidelines for vaping in the heat, and you can continue enjoying your summertime vape with a little piece of mind!


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