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Squonkers have became uber popular over the past few months. The technique was  inspired by a user on an e-cigarette forum, and has since caught on among the US and European vape scenes. It allows users to experience the positives of dripping and using a tank at the same time. But, it has some definite flaws, too. I spent two months squonking — here’s what I found.

I don’t want anyone to get the wrong impression after reading this article. So I’ll include some background information before we get started:

  • Yes, I was completely new to the scene prior to my purchasing my first squonking setup.
  • No, I did not use a dual battery box mod.
  • I used a variety different builds.
  • I used a variety of different e-liquids.
  • I squonked in a variety of different environments throughout the two months

I can hear the haters already. “Two months, that’s nothing”, “you didn’t buy a dual box mod, no wonder why”, “that device is crap compared to the ___”. So don’t misinterpret the true intention of this article; I’m merely looking to give my two cents (opinion) after I vaped with nothing but a squonker for two months. You may have a completely different experience, and that’s perfectly okay! With that being said, let’s continue!

It’s Rather Crude

The device I used for the totality of my experience was the Recurve by Mike Vapes, and the Drop Dead and Wotofo Warrior BF RDA’s. I vaped a handful of builds, both dual and single, ranging from claptons to framed staples. The overall vape I received from these setups was really good, so there’s no complaint there.

The process of squonking, i.e. filling, refilling, bottle installation/removal, all felt very basic, and maybe that’s the way it was meant to be. For me though, it simply was not worth the effort and constant fiddling to get everything up and running, along with the time it took to keep it going. With a dripper, you simply add more liquid from a bottle directly to your build and repeat. With a squonker, it’s just not that simple. Once you ran out of liquid, you had to stop, put everything down, let the device sit until any remaining liquid has drained from the metal feed tube back into the bottle, remove the bottle, clean up any excess liquid you may have missed, carefully open the bottle, refill, and re-install while tediously trying to keep the liquid in the bottle and not all over your table. I think you get the idea.

I’m not really sure how this process could be improved. One idea that comes to mind for me is some type of spill free/fill port system that could be used to fill the squonking bottle without taking everything apart. This could really help the situation.


This was pretty bad. No matter how carefully or how much precaution I took to remove to bottle, fill, and re-install, I could not avoid spilling liquid somewhere. Whether it came from the bottle itself or excess liquid from the feed tube, it was impossible to avoid the mess entirely. The Recurve had a wonderful knurled bottle cap which really helped negate some of this, but my big hands just could not complete this process without creating a sticky mess.

The Feel

Getting to know your bottle is a big part of squonking. It’s mostly a feel thing; press the bottle too lightly, and you won’t saturate the cotton enough. Press it too firmly and you’ll spill liquid out of the air-holes. After squonking for a month, I was unable to achieve the ‘perfect press’. I’d assume that this feel would come in time, but not everyone’s going to have time to wait.

Dry Hits

Even when I took my top cap/drip tip off to make sure I was pushing enough liquid onto my build deck, and pressed liquid up through the deck multiple times between pulls, I ran into dry hits, and charred cotton marks in the center of the coil/s. I always had a feeling that I didn’t have enough liquid on deck, even when I did. More often than not, taking consecutive 1-3 second pulls resulted in ‘close to dry hits’ toward the end.

And I’m pretty sure I know why. Liquid coming from the bottom of the device rarely makes its way up to the top of the coil/s unless you have a perfect press and full bottle. Recently, this issue has been solved by BF RDA’s like the Profile by Wotofo and MrJustRight1 and fountain style juice delivery systems that pour juice over the top of the coils much like a dripper would. This helps to ensure your the cotton in the middle of your coils is always saturated.


A lot of these issues are solvable, some of them are not. All in all, I really enjoyed squonking even when things got a bit sticky. It’s great for commuting, and totally eliminates the need to drip every two minutes. Would I purchase another squonker in the future? Absolutely. Would I recommend it to a friend? Yes. Is it better than dripping? In my opinion, not quite yet! But there’s hope if manufacturers can come up with new and better ways to address these issues.

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