Soupwire Launches new and improved Deals page
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Like saving money? Then you’re going to love the new Soupwire Deals page.

When we launched the site back in April, we had two goals: to bring you the best news, reviews, and tutorials to help you get the most out of this amazing hobby we share, and to help you save a few bucks on all your e-juice, mods, and other assorted vaping goodies.

That second part is why we’re so excited to reveal our new and improved Deals page.

Rather than just go and select from a set of manufacturers’ coupons with specific discount amounts on them, you’ll now be able to search for hardware and get the best price from a wide variety of vendors we trust.

As cool as that is, there’s more.

Not only will you be able to search and find the best deals on all the hottest new devices, you’ll also be able to get price alerts delivered directly to your email. Waiting for the price of that Think Vape THOR 200W TC Box Mod to drop a few more bucks before you pull the trigger? No worries – just sign up and we’ll send you an alert directly to your inbox when a retailer offers the device at a lower price. This way, you never miss out on a great deal (and trust me, there are few things worse in life than missing out on the opportunity to save lots of money…)

As an added bonus, utilizing the Soupwire Deals page not only helps you save money – it helps us continue to bring you new content. Buying your vaping hardware and supplies through us gets you a discounted price on the items you were going to pick up anyway – and we get a small commission on each sale. This money not only allows us to keep the lights on and the writers paid, it also helps us to remain an ad-free experience. No one likes ads – so by buying hardware and liquids through our affiliate program (you don’t have to do anything more than click the link in an article and then browse the retailer that opens in a new window) you help us bring you the pure, unadulterated truth about vaping without worrying that we’re filtering said truth to please our advertisers. Everyone wins!

So, we hope you’ll consider using the Soupwire Deals page as a portal to purchasing all your new vaping gear and supplies. Don’t miss out on a great price — sign up for alerts today!