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SnowWolf mods have a pretty solid reputation behind them. These devices are manufactured by Sigelei, a brand that emerged in 2011, and has since produced many vaping products worthy of acclaim. One success from SnowWolf was their V Feng mod. This year, SnowWolf released the X Feng 230W Box Mod, also available as a starter kit with the SnowWolf 24mm RDA. I was sent a SnowWolf X Feng mod for the purpose of this review. I think many vapers had the same question: is it as good or better than their previous V Feng mod?

Unboxing the SnowWolf XFeng 230W Box Mod

SnowWolf XFeng 230W Box Mod
SnowWolf Packaging

The first thing that caught my eye was the uniqueness of this mod. Its body design is similar to other Sigelei mods and those in the SnowWolf Feng series, but the particular design I received set it apart. I was sent the Jungle design, which is a graphic style with playing cards and casino-inspired art. The X Feng is also available in Black, White, Gunmetal, and Woodland Camouflage.

On the front of the mod, you’ll see a 1.3-inch TFT LCD display screen, set into the mod in a X shape. There are two gold selection buttons below the screen and if you look at the sides of the mod you’ll find the firing button, as well as some sleekly designed ventilation holes to keep the mod from getting too hot. The battery door is the back panel of the mod, held in place with magnets. These X Feng mods are advertised to have a Wolf and zodiac design on the battery door, however, my XFeng only included the wolf. In my opinion, it looks cleaner than the incorporation of the zodiac anyway, but I’m not sure if this was a mistake, this particular color schemes design, or the newer standard for this mod.

SnowWolf XFeng 230W Box Mod
Unboxing the SnowWolf X Feng

What’s Inside the Box?

  • X Feng 230W Box Mod
  • MicroUSB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Spare Parts included: Screen Protectors
SnowWolf XFeng 230W Box Mod
Firing Button and Ventilation Holes

Basic Functions of the SnowWolf X Feng 230W Box Mod

First thing’s first, this mod has a high performance SnowWolf chipset, which allows for vaping in four types of Power mode (soft, medium, hard, and User) as well as TC mode (Ni, Ti, SS) and TCR mode. The wattage range is 10-230W, while the temperature range is 100-300 degrees celsius or 200-570 degrees fahrenheit.

To turn the device off and on, it’s five clicks of the firing button. The SnowWolf X Feng has a horoscope theme on the screen featuring stars and the zodiac signs. To access the menu, click the firing button three times. In the menu you will see three options: Mode, Set(tings), and Exit. Select Mode and you will be able to select Power, TCR, and SS, Ti 1, or Ni200. In the settings, you will find power saving mode, puff reset, a preheat function, GUI (for thee display screen), and brightness settings. To lock and unlock the device, select and hold the two selection buttons.

Display Screen

Although the display screen is pretty standard, I felt it was worth going over the placement of things for good measure. The center will display your vaping mode and power settings. Your puff counter is in the top right corner, while the bottom right corner displays the voltage. The bottom left corner will show your coil resistance. And finally, the top left corner shows you your battery life. Unfortunately, SnowWolf designed a colored bar for battery life instead of a percentage. This is not unlike some other mods, but it makes it a bit more difficult to really tell where your battery life is at.

Vaping with the SnowWolf XFeng Mod

Firing this up, I could tell that the SnowWolf chipset is fast and intuitive, however, not as fast as I have experienced with VooPoo’s GENE chip. I tried power mode first, using my SMOK TFV8 Baby V2 tank and an A1 coil that works anywhere from 90-140W. The X Feng has no issue firing at these high wattages, but I did notice a slight lag and misfire a couple of times. With this tank, the vapor and flavor was very good. I could see the X Feng easily being a mod for cloud chasers, especially when used with an RDA.

TC and TCR modes were fantastic. I used Horizon Arctic V8 Ni200 prebuilt coils for Ni and custom builds for Ti and SS. The flavor was stellar no matter what I used. However, I did notice, like in power mode, an occasional misfiring issue. Hardly an issue, but it felt like the chipset occasionally lagged. This happened maybe one in forty puffs, so really minor. Other than that, I did not notice any problems. The flavor and vapor seemed to stay strong and only dropped off whenever my batteries were nearly out of juice. The battery life with two 18650s should last you a full day of vaping, and potentially longer if you vape less frequently.

Is the SnowWolf X Feng 230W Box Mod for you?

If you’re looking for a high-powered box mod with a trusted name in the vaping industry, the X Feng is a good bet. Since the kit was paired with an RDA, it’s clear to me that SnowWolf wanted this mod to be in the hands of TC and TCR vapers. It’s apparent, too, with how well these vaping modes worked for me. If you’re only a power vaper, this mod works fantastically, too, but I actually enjoyed the temperature control modes on this mod more than standard power. For the price, you’re getting a trusted brand and a solid box mod that has a fast chipset, not to mention a pretty cool design. I would recommend the SnowWolf XFeng for intermediate and advanced vapers—beginners may find the advanced modes needless.

Purchase the SnowWolf X Feng 230W Box Mod here

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