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Sigelei is the manufacturer behind SnowWolf devices. Besides churning out some popular vaping gear, SnowWolf’s name has become a legend with some vapers. As with any brand, they have a specific set of fans. I recently had the pleasure of reviewing the SnowWolf X Feng 230W Box Mod and realized that SnowWolf has some talent in creating higher-powered devices. Are you a vaper who loves vaping at high wattages? Maybe you even enter some cloud competitions? Whatever the case, if you love reaching those tip-top wattages, you should check out the SnowWolf Wolf Tank. Here are some reasons why this sub-ohm tank kills high wattage vaping, in the best way.

1. The Adjustable Triple Bottom Airflow

At high wattages, airflow is going to make or break a vaping experience. Dual adjustable airflow is a great option for churning out those huge clouds and keeping your tank cool, but a triple airflow is even better. More vapor and less chance of overheating are going to keep you vaping hard without as much worry. The SnowWolf Wolf Tank has just a very smooth airflow. You can adjust it all the way closed, if you’d like, and easily rotate to your desired setting. But if you’re asking me, I think the Wolf Tank vapes best wide open.

2. The SnowWolf Wolf Tank Has a 6ml Juice Capacity

The SnowWolf Wolf Tank comes with two 6ml capacity bubble glasses. I always love to see brands that opt for this instead of throwing in a spare straight glass. When we are talking about high power vaping and thirsty mesh coils, who wants to refill their tank every thirty minutes or less? With a 6ml e-liquid capacity, you won’t need to worry about blasting through your juice immediately.

3. The WF Coil Series

The Wolf Tank has the capability to hit those high wattages. The WF Coil Series makes for a perfect pair. The two included coils are the WF Coil and the WF-H Coil. The WF Coil is a 0.2-ohm stainless steel coil made with organic cotton, rating at wattages from 60-150. The WF-H Coil has a resistance of 0.16-ohms and works anywhere from 100-230W. I’ve tested them both, and they produce some quality flavor and massive clouds. However, after about 200W on the WF-H Coil, I noticed a decline in taste. So I don’t recommend going above that.

4. Besides the Included Coils, There Are Mesh Coil Options

If you were starting to feel disappointed at the lack of a mesh coil, then don’t worry. The WF Coil Series also has two mesh coils available. The WF-M, a 0.13-ohm coil for 50-120W, and the WF-H-M, a 0.15-ohm coil for 70-160W. If you’re on a mesh coil kick, or at least want the option of using a mesh coil with your vape tank, SnowWolf has that cover. I was really impressed with the performance of these mesh coils, as they can handle that wide range of wattages without losing much in terms of performance.

Looking For a Sub-Ohm Tank That Can Keep Up With Your High Power Settings?

The SnowWolf Wolf Tank is a tremendously good option for sub-ohm vapers who like to push high power settings. This tank can handle it, and the WF Coil Series is a solid set of coils that perform well, even when pushed to their limit. The coils themselves last for about a week or so, but for those high settings, that’s basically the norm. The one con I was able to find with this tank is the plastic top cap. While it may not be a huge issue, I would make sure to unscrew and rescrew it with special care, as to avoid wearing down the threading.

Purchase the SnowWolf Wolf Sub-Ohm Tank here.

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