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A vaping blogger has seen the light.

According to Mt Baker Vapor, there are five ways e-cigarettes help keep Mother Earth cleaner. Five ways to cut down on pollution and toxic waste. Five ways to help provide the community of vapers a safer alternative to smoking combustible cigarettes and aiding the environment. Five examples of the biggest smoking environmental risks.

No. 1: Butting out

Think about this. The cigarette my dad smoked the day I was born probably still sat in a garbage dump the day I graduated from college, 25 years later. Smokers may not think about it much, but it takes at least a quarter-century for cigarette butts to degenerate and cease to exist. Butts are virtually non-biodegradable and considering one smoker generally discards about 7,000 butts per year, the total adds up – fast. But with the rapid rise of vaping over the past five years, especially among teenagers, the rate of traditional smoking is dropping fast. One U.S. study concluded the rate is falling about three times faster than in the past. If that continues, think of how many cigarette butts will simply cease from littering outland?

No. 2: Cutting down Big Tobacco

Smokers pay out an annual average of $1,789. Over the course of a lifetime, average smokers hand approximately $105,551 over to large tobacco companies. That’s a lot of cash. With cash comes power. Without it …

No. 3: More trees, please

Line up 15 packs of traditional cigarettes. That’s one tree. Each year, the average smoker is responsible for six fallen trees. Our world needs more trees to help supply oxygen, not more smokers to pollute the air.

No. 4: It’s getting hot in here

Speaking of oxygen, and looking at contributors to global warming, tobacco companies produce more than 5.5 trillion cigarettes each year. The result is the distribution of more than 22 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the earth’s fragile atmosphere annually. That breaks down to about 62 pounds of released CO2 per smoker. The atmosphere needs to go on a CO2 diet and shed all those unwanted pounds.

No. 5: Cleaning up

The disposal of one cigarette butt means more than 600 toxic chemicals are released into the land, lakes, and rivers. 600? Multiply that with the number of butts an average smoker disposes of each year and it’s about 4,380,000 chemicals per smoker per year. Over four million?

Society needs to see the light.

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