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Smoant is known for their powerful box mods. Some of their notable releases? The Cyclon, Battlestar Mini, Ranker, and of course, the original Charon Box Mod. While this brand puts more emphasis on power than innovation, they consistently produce box mods that are hard to beat. The Smoant Charon Mini 225W TC Box Mod was inspired from the original Charon somehow, although they are absolutely nothing alike in appearance.

The Design of the Smoant Charon Mini 225W TC Box Mod

I think the most-winning feature of the Smoant Charon Mini 225W TC Box Mod is the display screen. But let’s talk about the rest of the looks first. The Charon Mini is only 89mm tall—that’s only 3 ½ inches. This is a sleek looking box mod, but you’ll probably notice that it isn’t all that unique in design. What you will notice is the 2-inch TFT display screen. It just about dominates the entire front face of the mod.

My favorite color scheme for this mod is the black or the rainbow, but it also comes in red and gold. The back panel is the magnetic battery door. There is a geometric rainbow design on the back door that comes standard with all of the Charon Mini’s colors.

The Build

Smoant’s build materials are usually very solid, and this is no exception. The Charon Mini’s chassis is made from zinc alloy. The display screen is not only 2-inches, but has a 300dpi resolution. You also have the option to change the UI display screen. There is a night sky background with a planet or the standard speedometer look.

On the side of the mod is the oversized firing button. This is nicely textured and has a good, clicky feel to it. The adjustment buttons are located underneath the display screen, toward the bottom of the mod’s front. Below those is the micro-USB port for charging and firmware upgrades.

The Smoant’s Ant 225 Chipset

A notable selling point for the Smoant Charon Mini 225W TC Box Mod is the Ant 225 Chipset. The Charon Mini fires in just 0.015 seconds. The chipset also boasts a variety of safety features, efficient power usage, and of course, upgradeable firmware. As a fun little feature, you can customize the background and standby screen once you upgrade the firmware. Smoant offers nine different selections.

The Functions and Vaping Modes

The Smoant Charon Mini 225W TC Box Mod comes with the vaping modes most users expect: Power Mode (S,N,H), TC, and TCR. But this mod also comes with a great preheat function, as well as VW Curve and TC Curve modes, which allows the user to customize their wattage or temperature settings on a curve.

Vaping with the Smoant Charon Mini 225W TC Box Mod

I put the Smoant Charon Mini 225W TC Box Mod to the test with the Uwell Valyrian Tank first, and later topped it with an RDA for further testing. The Valyrian A1 0.15-ohm coil works anywhere from 95-120W, so I started testing around 100W.

As soon as I turned the Charon Mini on and got into the menu system, I was really content with how easy navigation is. I mean, this menu is easy enough for a newbie to pick up quickly. Today, we can run into some menu systems that are a bit of a pain to navigate. Switching through vaping modes is a cinch. At the top, the centered 510 is near-perfection. As for the display, it’s very bright and a pleasure to read because the resolution is crystal clear.

Power Mode

Vaping in Power Mode was surprisingly satisfying. The Charon Mini is a fast-firing, powerful mod, and the chipset hits a bit harder than some others, meaning 95W on this mod may feel stronger than 95W on a mod that is, shall we say a soft-hitter? 95W here is truly 95W.

TC and TCR

The Smoant Charon Mini does TC and TCR right. It wasn’t too hard to get the right adjustments on this mod, and the overall experience was no let down. But I will add that the Power mode is almost as pleasant as temp control!

Closing Comments: Full of Pros, Very Few Cons

With the Smoant Charon Mini 225W TC Box Mod, I could find very little to complain about. The biggest issue is perhaps the battery door, as I did find it was a bit loose for my taste, and does jiggle a bit. I worry as well that this device will get damaged easily in the wrong hands (meaning, someone clumsy like myself). Since the screen takes up nearly the whole face of the mod and there isn’t anything to buffer it, well, I had a scare or two, I’ll admit.

Other than that, the Charon Mini was a pleasure to vape with. It’s comfortable and smaller than one would expect such a powerful device to be. I love the custom curve settings, and it’s a nice option to attract advanced vapers to this device. However, this isn’t a device that is out of the league of many vapers. The menu system is easy, so if you’re still a bit new to vaping, but want to upgrade to something with more power, this is a nice choice. It’s a box mod that you can learn with if you’d like to learn how to use temperature control or otherwise.

Purchase the Smoant Charon Mini 225W TC Box Mod here.

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