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Single Coil RDA builds are not often discussed. Maybe it has to do with their decreased level of appeal on Instagram, or lack of e-juice usage. Whatever the case may be, if you haven’t tried a single coil RDA build in your topper, you’re missing out in a big way!

I never really dabbled with single coil builds in my five-plus years as a vaper. I first heard about the idea from a friend on twitter (@saddlehorseblues); she mentioned them in a video, and upon further questioning (via direct message) explained the reasons as to why she preferred them. Ever since then, I’ve been completely hooked.

In an effort to support my case, I’ll break everything down into a simple positives/negatives list. But make sure to check out my video on the topic below!


  • Lowered juice consumption
  • Vape at reduced power levels
  • Use less cotton
  • Make a package of handmade coils last twice as long
  • Increase the longevity of Li-Ion battery packs, and 18650’s alike
  • Increased flavor production


  • Not a cloud chasing setup
  • Won’t be able to open new e-juice flavors as quickly
  • That 200w mod you just bought? Yeah you won’t be needing that

The best part is that most newer tanks and RDAs are already set up to rock a single coil.  So you won’t really need to buy any new gear ($0 cost to you!). Specialty tanks and RDAs that are specifically made for single coil setups are available at most online retail locations.

Personally, my favorite aspect of single coils builds has to be the flavor production. Especially with a nice handmade coil on deck, the increase in flavor alone is worth giving it a shot! For more, check out my video below.

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