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You’ve most likely heard of Sigelei’s Fuchai R7 mod or their popular KAOS Spectrum 230W TC Box Mod. Sigelei is also known for manufacturing SnowWolf. Recently, I reviewed the Sigelei Moonshot 120 Sub-Ohm tank. Since most of my experience with Sigelei has been high-powered box mods, I was curious to give their Sigelei Sibra F Starter Kit a shot. This is a tubular, pen style mod, meant for easy portability and low to mid-range wattages.

Design of the Sigelei Sibra F Starter Kit

Sigelei paired their Sibra F mod with the Sigelei Sobra Mini tank. Both of these feature the same design: a stunning snakeskin. Following the initial release, you can also purchase the Sibra F Starter Kit in a few other patterns. Here are the available colors: Serpentine Red, Python Gray, Serpentine Yellow, Kingsnake White, Serpentine Blue, Black, Galaxy Blue, Geo White, and Deco Gold.

You won’t find any extra buttons on the Sibra F. On the front side of the mod, there is a hexagon shaped firing button. It’s a standard five clicks to turn the Sibra F on and off. There is a battery life indicator behind the firing button, which will give you an idea of when you need to charge up again. To charge, you’ll find the micro-USB port on the opposite side.

The Build Specifics

The Sibra F mod is constructed out of stainless steel. It’s got a 510-connector and a 24.5mm diameter, so you can switch out for other tanks, but above 25mm you’ll experience some overhang. The device itself feels light, but it still has some weight to it. This is an internal battery device, so there is no other way to charge except with a micro-USB cable. The Sibra F mod’s battery is a 3000mAh, so you should get a decent amount of power out of the mod. Plus, with 2A charging, charging fully only takes about an hour, compared to some other mods that wil lbe 1.5-2 hours.

The Sobra Mini Tank

On these sort of pen style kits, the tank is really important. A tank can make or break your vaping experience. The construction of the Sobra Mini is nice and sturdy, with stainless steel and sodium borosilicate glass. The glass quality is fine, although some vapers prefer Pyrex.

The Sobra Mini has dual adjustable airflow slots located on the bottom of the tank. Although three airflow slots would have made for an even better experience, I think the dual is fine for this kit.

The filling system is a bit unusual. Unlike most tanks that have a common top fill port, the Sobra has a top fill that’s almost a side-filling port. Note that Sigelei does call this a top fill port. To access it, give the knurled ring on the top cap about a quarter turn, and you will see the ring lift up and reveal the fill port. It’s a bit awkward, but I’ve seen worse. Once you use it for a bit, it’s easy enough to get used to. Although I would have preferred to have seen a sliding top fill.

The Coils

The Sobra Mini tank uses, oddly enough, Sigelei SnowWolf coils. The kit comes with a 0.28-ohm WF Mini coil (for 30-60W) and a 0.25-ohm WF-H Mini (for 40-80W). These coils are crafted out of stainless steel.

Vaping with the Sigelei Sibra F Starter Kit

This kit is nothing extraordinary, and I say this due to the tighter draw from the Sobra Mini tank. The Sibra F is meant to be a DTL vaping device. Since the draw is not as loose as some of the other pen style kits, you have to work slightly harder to get a good amount of vapor. This is probably a personal preference, and other than that it vapes just fine. It has a decent amount of power capabilities, with a voltage output of 3.3 to 4.2V and a 0.15 ohm to 3.0 ohm atomizer resistance range, which means you can get above 80W on this device if you use the right coil. The performance is nice, especially for a pen style vape.

The coils included in the kit are pretty average; they give off some good flavor and vapor, but nothing that really impressed me. I have, however, tried the compatible Sigelei 0.2-ohm MS-M mesh coil on another tank previously, and I would highly recommend purchasing a pack of these for your Sobra Mini tank if you want a better flavor experience.

Overall Performance: Hit or Miss for Sigelei?

Honestly, this was not my favorite Sigelei device that I have tried. But, and there is a but, I do think that this kit is a good starter for those who are just switching from smoking to vaping, or those who prefer a pen style vape. There are plenty of positives! The charge on the Sibra F kit lasts about 5-7 hours, it only takes an hour to fully charge, the craftsmanship is a good quality, the design is nice, and the tank does output some nice flavor and vapor at mid-range wattages. I do consider this a good buy for the price, so if you’re looking for a pen style vaping kit, don’t scratch the Sibra F off of your list.

Purchase the Sigelei Sibra F Starter Kit here.

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