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If you’ve been following the news, you’ve no doubt seen that there’s a movement afoot here in America to raise the legal smoking age. This would not only affect traditional cigarettes, but vaping products as well.

The Tobacco 21 movement would take the current legal smoking age – 18 years old for much of the country – and raise it to 21. This would put it on par with drinking – which also requires people be 21 before they can legally consume alcoholic beverages.

Communities across the country have already implemented the age increase through legislative action – and more are looking to jump on the bandwagon. Many of these communities propose the legislation as a way to curb teen tobacco and nicotine use – a practice the FDA assures us is reaching “epidemic” levels, thanks to the popularity of vaping.

And while the idea of restricting access to potentially harmful tobacco products seems like a good idea on paper, let’s face it – this country doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to an sort of prohibition.

We want to know what you think – are you in favor of raising the legal age for tobacco and vaping products to 21? Or do you believe that keeping the age at 18 is effective and there’s no need for change?

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