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In the wake of Scottish correctional institutions going tobacco-free in the coming months, inmates can look forward to one thing at least – free vaping products.

Detained convicts who have an addiction to nicotine will be supplied with vapor devices to help their transition, according to BBC.

Citing second-hand smoke risks in the enclosed areas, Scotland prison officials revealed its plans last year to ban nicotine-based smokes.

The prisoners’ nicotine prohibition begins Nov. 30. At that time, the prisons initially will be supplied with vapor starter kits at no cost. BBC reports the Scottish penal system hopes the initiative will help inmates switch to vaping permanently – or quit altogether, according to BBC.

When the Scottish prison smoking ban is ignited “there will be nowhere in our prisons where anyone will be able to smoke,” said Tom Fox, a spokesman for Scottish Prison Service (SPS). “People in the (prison) community who are giving up cigarettes, still have the opportunity to smoke in parts of the community. The people in our care won’t be able to smoke at all.

We are recognizing the unique nature of that environment by providing the support we are.”

The starter vapor kits will remain free for at least two months. After, the kits will be sold at discounted rates until next April. Then, the kits will only be available at full retail price, BBC reported.

The tobacco ban at Scotland’s correctional facilities is not free of criticism.

Scottish Conservative Justice Liam Kerr told BBC he was predominately concerned with the cost-benefit ratio of the program.

“The public shouldn’t be shelling out to help you transition away (from combustible cigarettes to vaping),” Kerr said.

But that’s what they are doing.

Unless there is some kind of nicotine reprieve over the next several weeks, for prisoners in Scotland:

Lighters out.

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