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Rincoe cropped up as a newer manufacturer in the vaping industry sometime last year. They claim that their “primary focus is pod starter kits, mods, and tanks.” They’ve put out some devices such as the Mechman 228W Mesh Kit and the Neso Pod System. They’ve got a similar kit to this one called the Manto S, but today I’m reviewing the Rincoe Manto X Mesh 228W Starter Kit. I have a feeling that this is a company that is a break-off of another previously established one after vaping with this device.

The Design of the Rincoe Manto X Mesh 228W Starter Kit

The Manto Mod has a smaller body than other dual 18650 mods out there. It’s still got some hefty weight to it though and feels solidly built. The whole thing is rounded, but the sides are a bit more angular. There are four color options that I’m aware of, and those are black, blue, red, and gunmetal.

The Metis Tank looks a lot cleaner than the mod, in my opinion. Unfortunately, I just feel like the design of the mod itself is a bit dated. Maybe that’s appealing to some. Maybe it isn’t dated and I’m just being picky? Whatever way you slice it, this is a very comfortable mod to hold in your hand, so that’s a plus there.

The Build

The front face of the mod is pretty much where everything is at on the Manto X Mesh Starter Kit. From the top of the front down, there is a fire button, the 1.3-in OLED display screen, and two adjustment buttons. Below all of that is the micro-USB port. There is a good amount of venting along the sides of the mod as well. The top of the mod has a spring-loaded 510 that is not centered. The battery door is located on the bottom of the mod and is a hinge system.

The Vaping Modes and Menu System

The Rincoe Manto X Mesh 228W Starter Kit has just about everything you’ll need if you’re an intermediate vaper. There is a full TC suite, TCR with three memory slots, Bypass Mode, and Standard Wattage Mode.

The menu system is pretty simple to navigate. With three clicks of the fire button, the menu screen comes up and you can scroll through with the adjustment buttons and use the fire button to make a selection.

The Metis Tank

The included tank? They call it the Metis. It’s a 25mm diameter, fits snugly on top of the compact Manto X Mod, and has a 6ml capacity with the included bubble glass. The drip tip is an 810 size. Although the main industry trend with top filling systems has been sliding ones, the Metis uses a threaded top fill system. To fill, you need to unscrew the top cap. I had some issue with unscrewing elements of this tank, as it’s pretty easy to unscrew something else at the same time, so just a word of caution.

The Coils

The Manto X Mesh Starter Kit comes with a single mesh 0.15-ohm coil that is best used anywhere from 40-70W. Unfortunately, the other coils are sold separately, but there are three other coils in the series. In addition, the Metis Tank is compatible with the SMOK Baby Beast coil series, so you do have plenty of options for this sub-ohm tank.

Vaping With the Rincoe Manto X Mesh 228W Starter Kit

I used Hi-Fi by Budget E-Liquid— a fig, hibiscus, and cucumber blend—with the 0.15-ohm single mesh coil to kick off testing this kit. I had some issues with this coil; small ones, but they were enough to bug me a bit. It took a lot longer to break in, and I felt that the coil wasn’t wicking properly compared to other similar coils. I had primed it and let it sit for ten minutes, and the first ten minutes vaping this was rougher than I’d like.

However, the flavor was nice when it finally resolved. At 70W, though, it struggled. I vaped it consistently at 55W and felt that was the best setting for this particular coil head.

When I changed out the tank and vaped in TC and TCR, there were minimal issues. In fact, they made it pretty easy to adjust your wattage settings in temp mode. A big plus, as some TC suites can be a headache in this area.

Performance wise, the Manto X Mesh Starter Kit did its darndest, and for the most part, was an easy kit to use and a pleasure to vape with.

Summing It Up: Simplicity Is the Focus

I feel that the Manto X Mesh Starter Kit has more going for it than against it. However, there were a few cons on my list after I spent ten days with this kit. The airflow on the Metis Tank was a bit loud, so this is not a good stealth tank. Those issues I had with the coil were a big bummer, although the end flavor was about average for a kanthal coil. Unfortunately, though, I don’t feel this coil holds up well to chain vaping. And finally, that display screen is an absolute fingerprint magnet because of the plastic coating.

The good parts were great, though. The Manto X Mesh Start Kit was a great performer (especially when I swapped out the Metis Tank for a different one). They kept it simple. A simple screen, easy menu, to the point navigation, and it’s clear of any other complicated modes and settings. This is a great kit for someone who prefers a compact, easy device that functions quite well. While the Metis Tank isn’t the best on the market, it makes for a nice starter or spare tank to have on hand.

Purchase the Rincoe Manto X Mesh 228W Starter Kit here.

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