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Is it time to re-wrap your vape batteries? Or are you just looking to showoff some new action figure-themed wraps on Instagram? Whatever the case may be, we’ll take you step-by-step through the re-wrapping process!

As mentioned before in a previous article, re-wrapping vape batteries is a purpose-driven task, and should only be performed when necessary. If you’re not comfortable with battery safety, please DO NOT attempt to remove or re-wrap batteries!

Before we get started, there are a few things you will need:

Stock Battery Wrap Removal

This step involves carefully cutting a small slit in the top or bottom of your cell. After a notch has been cut, you can proceed to rip the wrap off carefully. Don’t worry if the wrap does not come off in one piece. Remember to keep the stock insulating disk from the positive side of your battery (as you will be using it again), if it did not come with one (or is damaged…), you’ll need to purchase new ones before continuing.

When the wrap has been removed, your cell will look ‘naked’:

Getting Everything Ready

You’re going to want a really clean work surface for this. It should be free of dust and dirt etc., and big enough to lay your tools down. While this is not completely necessary, I’ve found that having a suitable work space when conducting ‘vape-related tasks’ can be a really easy way to boost efficiency. You’ll spend more time working on the task at hand, and less time looking for tools.

A clean and dirt-free surface will also ensure that no particulates get locked in between your new wrap and battery!

Insulating Disk Placement

Before a wrap can be installed, the insulating disk needs to be placed above and around the positive terminal of your cell. Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to slide the wrap over the battery.

Centering The Wrap

Before applying heat, get a good feel for the wrap moving on the battery itself. You’ll want to hold the cell in the middle of the wrap, with equal space on the positive side and negative side; this will ensure that your wrap goes on evenly. Once you’ve re-wrapped a few times, this step will come naturally!

Applying Heat

Adjust your blow dryer to the lowest heat setting (if it does not have this adjustment, hold the dryer a few inches further away from the cell). While continuing to hold your battery inside the middle of the wrap (two fingers is the easiest way…), and making sure the insulator is centered over the positive terminal, turn the blow dryer on.

Now hold the nozzle of the dryer 6-8 inches away from the wrap, and proceed to move the heat up and down slowly. Start applying heat near the top portion of the battery (positive is easiest), shrinking the wrap over the cell and insulating disk.

Tip: I normally hold the battery with the positive terminal facing up. This help the insulating disk stay centered on the positive terminal.

Now flip the battery over (you won’t have to hold the top anymore) and continue shrinking the wrap over the middle of the battery, and onto the negative side of the cell.

Once both sides of the battery have been completed, continue to apply heat, working out any air bubbles with your finger. If there are no bubbles, you’re done!


Congratulations, you have successfully re-wrapped your vape battery! Perfecting this skill will take time, but should come naturally with practice. Never rush yourself when re-wrapping, take all the time you need, and make sure they’re done right.

Still need help? Check out this YouTube video for images and guidance!

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