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Late last year, Wismec released a box mod kit called the Wismec Sinuous Ravage230. The initial release of this device garnered a lot of positive reviews — and deservedly so. Wismec’s vaping devices have earned a lot of goodwill in the vaping community. With each new product release, it seems like this brand just keeps getting better.

Now they’re bringing us a new and improved Sinuous kit, the Sinuous Ravage230 + Gnome King kit. The engineers at Wismec have taken the much-loved Ravage230 mod and given it a face lift with some new, futuristic color schemes that really give the old design a reboot. Don’t worry, you can drool. What makes it even better? Wismec has replaced the Gnome Evo tank from the original kit—which was great enough—and brought us the Gnome King.

What’s Inside the Wismec Sinuous Ravage230 + Gnome King Kit?

When you get to that awesome unboxing moment, you’ll find a Wismec Sinuous Ravage230 mod, the Gnome King tank, a micro USB cable, a preinstalled coil, a spare coil, o-rings, and of course, your user manual.

Why is the Sinuous Ravage230 Mod Worth it?

First of all, this mod claims to have 230watt output capability. If you’re one of the high wattage chasers, this mod is where it’s at. The resistance range of the Wismec Sinuous Ravage230 mod is from 0.05-1.5ohms for TC mode and 0.1-3.5ohms in VW mode. Performance wise, the mod works well in both standard wattage mode, as well as different TC modes. You can operate the Sinuous Ravage230 in VW, TC-Ni, TC-Ti, TC-SS, or TCR mode. This mod is great for advanced vapers who like to have the ultimate control over their vaping experience!

Moving on, this mod blows some competitor mods out of the water in the looks department. The first thing you’ll probably notice is the 1.45-inch screen. There are two buttons below that for switching through modes and menu screens. The firing button is on the side of the mod. You can purchase this kit in gold and blue, a gloss orange, or a gloss purple.

The Gnome King Tank & Wismec Coils

What I’ve really been dying to talk about is the Gnome King tank that comes in this kit. It’s a great fit for the Sinuous Ravage230 mod, with a mechanical, futuristic look and a crown-shaped top. The Gnome King tank is available in a 2-5.8ml capacity and is expandable to a 7ml if you purchase a bubble glass. Combined with the Sinuous mod, the Gnome King produces some nice flavor. It’s got a swivel top fill and a bottom airflow, and all of the parts are easy to remove for maintenance.

The coils in the kit are the WM01 0.4ohm single and the new WM-M 0.15ohm head. All of Wismec’s coil options are going to treat you well, but the WM-M 0.15ohm head uses a multi-hole coil system. This Kanthal coil works anywhere from 40-100W when vaping in VW mode, and according to Wismec vapes best from 65-75W. This coil provides intense clouds and great flavor, so you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

Closing Comments

The Wismec Sinuous Ravage230 + Gnome King kit is a great team-up. The Sinuous Ravage230 is a powerful mod that vapers love. It’s a device with a lot of options that should appeal to just about anyone. I’ve heard some great things about the mod’s TC modes if you’re into custom builds. Specifically, I think that Wismec tends to make a lot of products with more experienced vapers in mind. No mod is for everyone, so if you’re looking for something less complicated, then this kit probably isn’t for you. But, if you love finding new great vape kits out there, this is definitely one of the coolest releases from Wismec lately.

Wismec has some other great mods if the Sinuous Ravage230+ Gnome King doesn’t seem right for you.

Looking for a kit that’s a little less intimidating? Smok has some great starter kits and mods that work for novices and intermediate vapers alike, like the Smok G-Priv 2 or the Smok Mag 225.

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