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The Wild One from Om Vapors will remind you of the berry toaster strudel you enjoyed growing up as a kid. Try pairing this one with your morning cup of coffee!

First Impressions:

The branding used by Om Vapors is really quite nice. They use the same general graphic design on all their e-liquid lines, with some minor variations, which works to keep everything consistent throughout. Everything from the large white Om logo, to e-juice names and the colorful background images work to give their bottles a bit of character. You won’t find any cartoon characters or vulgar wording here, and they’re definitely not needed! This just goes to show that a little extra work put in on label design can pay off in a big way.

Flavor Profile:

Originally intended to be a cannoli flavored vape (I LOVE cannoli!!!) Om Vapors decided to head in a different direction. The Wild One is a strudel flavored liquid, inspired by the breakfast pastries of your childhood. This one has a balanced mix of strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry and is served in a flaky pie crust that has been topped with a cream cheese glaze to boot.


Classic triple-berry tartness upfront with emphasis on the blueberry and strawberries. Hints of a phyllo dough brushed with butter, and a touch of milk icing working in the foreground.

My Setup:

24mm Loop V1.5 BF RDA from GeekVape loaded with a set of claptons (.22ohms), pulsed on the Lavabox DNA 200 device from Volcano E-cigs. I started with the airflow shutdown halfway, and wattage turned up to 55 for this review.


Front – A really well balanced triple berry blend has equally amount of strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry. Some tartness upfront, but no where near as much as I would’ve thought. The Wild One has faint hints of pastry and icing hiding somewhere in the mix, but both are not ready to show themselves quite yet.

Middle – The mix of berries bring forth a decent amount of tartness; it’s not quite enough to create a throat hit, but does create a mouth-watering effect. The pastry dough has finally came through enough for me to pick up on. I’d classify the crust as more of a buttered phyllo dough than anything though. A little full fat cream cheese tops this breakfast dessert vape off quite nicely.

End – It’s all about the berry mix towards the end of this vape. The tartness fades away slowly leaving a nice strawberry jam behind. As for the Pop-Tart-esque crust, it remains on the scene, and provides a nice raw butter and crumbled bread finish.

Aftertaste – Very clean. But that’s totally to be expected, as with every other flavor I’ve tried from Om Vapors. No lingering, no issue.

Cloud Production:

Om Vapors uses a 75/25 blend for all their liquids. My set of dual claptons pulsed at 50 watts was filling a large room with vapor in a hurry. Nothing close to the vapor production of a Max VG, but still pretty darn good!

Product Info:

Size/s – 30, 120ml

Available Nic – 0, 1.5, 3 and 6mg

VG/PG ratio – 75/25

Price – $24.99 (120ml)

Bottle type – 120 IDPE

Final Thoughts:

The Wild One vapes like the Pop-Tarts you used to enjoy in middle school for breakfast. Only difference being the filling is a bit more ‘grown up’, and the pastry is so good it could be eaten on its own.

Recommendable? Without a doubt! If you liked toaster strudel growing up as a kid, you’re really going to like this flavor!

ADV? Definitely. The mixed berry filling is nearly perfect, and the bread-y crust topped with cream cheese is practically irresistible (wish I was kidding… but I’m not).

Purchase The Wild One here.

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