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Any time there’s a newcomer brand on the vaping market, it’s normal to have a bit of skepticism simply because there are so many well-established brands that have been manufacturing vaping equipment for years. VSticking comes from Dongguan VSTICKING Technology Co., Ltd. Apparently, they work very closely with YiHi(SXmini), established in 2010. Their first tank is the VSticking VMesh Sub-Ohm Tank, and it’s a surprisingly good tank with mesh coils and some luscious clouds.

The Design of the VSticking VMesh Sub-Ohm Tank

VSticking crafted a pretty nice looking tank. The VMesh has a raised diamond pattern around the top and bottom bases. Available in three colors, you can choose from a silver, gunmetal, or black finish. The colors are basic, but they make it easier to pair this tank with any mod. It’s also got a larger honeycomb pattern resin drip tip that helps you chuck some huge clouds.

The Build Basics

The VSticking VMesh Sub-Ohm tank has a great 510 connector, so it fits on most box mods snug and flush. The tank is crafted with stainless steel, is about medium weight, and comes with a 4ml glass, as well as a 2ml glass. The dual adjustable bottom airflow is super smooth. You can close the airflow all the way and adjusting it is easier than some stiffer airflows.

Another nice feature? The huge fill ports. You have to unscrew the top base of the tank to access them, which is a bit tricky the first time. Most vapers prefer a more convenient top fill system, like a push-button or a sliding cap, but a plus of the fill system on this tank is there is virtually no leakage.

The VSticking Vmesh Coils

There are two coil options, both included when you purchase a VMesh tank, a 0.2-ohm kanthal mesh coil and a 0.1-ohm Ni80 Nichrome coil. The mesh coil is made for wattages from 40-100W, while the Nichrome coil works anywhere from 40-90W. The use of a pre-built Nichrome coil in a tank system is sort of unusual, but it’s a nice touch if you like to use TC mode.

Testing the VSticking VMesh Sub-Ohm Tank and Coils

I primed up the 0.2-ohm kanthal mesh coil and waited about ten minutes before I screwed the VSticking tank into my SMOK Species mod. I used Berry Blast E-Liquid by The Finest E-Liquid to see how the tank handled a fruit blend. The first thing that I noticed vaping the VSticking VMesh was the increased cloud production—and this was with a 70/30 VG/PG blend. The VMesh tank can fill up a room with clouds pretty quickly.

After breaking the mesh coil in (took about 10 minutes), the flavor began to come through very strongly. All of the notes of my juice came through. The pure flavor from the mesh coil was up there with some of my favorite mesh coil and tank combos like the Augvape Skynet Tank or the Freemax FireLuke. Not to say that the VSticking VMesh was better, but it was comparable.

I was impressed with the cloud production, so I used a Max VG juice to see how that went over. And like I suspected, this tank can really spit out some serious clouds with the right juice.

I tested the 0.1-ohm Nichrome coil after the mesh, and unfortunately, this coil was a bit of a letdown. The flavor wasn’t anywhere near as good as I got from the mesh coil. It was good, but not great. You can still get some very nice clouds out of it, so if flavor isn’t your main concern then the Nichrome coil isn’t bad.

For the Price, The VSticking VMesh Sub-Ohm Tank is a Must For Your Tank Collection

While I still give main priority to some other sub-ohm tanks, the VSticking Mesh surprised me. If you’re a cloud chaser, you’ll want to get your hands on this. The flavor quality was very good with the mesh coils, and that’s ultimately the recommendation with the VSticking Mesh. Unless you really like the idea of pre-built Nichrome coils, stick with the kanthal mesh and you’ll be pleased. This tank gets a little noisy if you adjust the airflow, but other than that and the odd Nichrome coil, it’s a solid tank: nicely designed, great threading, and some thick clouds.

Purchase the VSticking VMesh here.

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