The VooPoo UForce T1 Tank
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VooPoo didn’t jump into the vaping scene until 2017, so this manufacturer is still relatively new to the vape community. That doesn’t mean that their products aren’t worthy of your consideration. Generally, I think VooPoo’s manufacturing quality is very good. But some of this is also about personal taste. The VooPoo UForce T1 tank is an updated version of their UForce tank. While there are many great things about this tank, there are also a few issues I’ve noticed, so let’s break down the pros and cons of the VooPoo UForce T1.


The Solid Build of the VooPoo UForce T1

When you pick up the VooPoo UForce T1, you can pretty much tell it’s solidly built. The construction is sturdy and the sliding top fill of the tank is easy to use, doesn’t loosen easily, stays put when you need it to, and isn’t difficult to open. The style of this tank is unique. It’s got a gnarled metal design that looks great with specific mods, but might look out of place on others. There are plenty of color options available, so you can easily choose one that you think would coordinate well with your mod. There also isn’t much leaking going on with the UForce T1, which is getting more and more common as manufacturers try to prevent those annoying leak quirks.


The Drip Tip Issues

This one is a little bit petty, and something that won’t be an issue for some of you vapers. However, the resin drip tip on the UForce has a habit of coming off. It’s nothing that’s a huge issue, but it can get sort of annoying if you’re carrying your mod and tank with you in your purse, bag, pocket, or otherwise. If you treat the mouthpiece with care and try not to unscrew it too often, then you may not have this problem.


The UForce Mesh N1 Coil

If you haven’t had the chance to try out any of the new kanthal mesh coil technology, then you are truly missing out. I’ve tried several from different manufacturers. As a skeptic, I thought, “could the mesh tech really make that big of a difference on flavor?” Boy, I was proven wrong. That is not an exception with the mesh N1 coil that comes with the VooPoo UForce T1 tank. The flavor with this coil is vastly different than that of their other coil options. It lasts pretty long, too, as long as you use your coils properly.


The UForce U2 Coil

Again, this is not a big problem. If you consider the build quality of the VooPoo UForce T1, as well as some of the pros, this is a small gripe. Nonetheless, it’s worth mentioning. One of the coils VooPoo sells the UForce T1 with is the UForce U2 coil. Compared to the mesh N1 coil (as well as some of their other UForce coils), the U2 is simply a letdown. The flavor quality isn’t that great. It does all right with cloud production, but it’s just not my favorite coil that UForce offers for the UForce T1 tank. I suggest trying out the other compatible UForce coils to find your favorite one.


The 8ml E-Liquid Capacity

The VooPoo UForce T1 comes with a bubble glass that holds 8ml of e-liquid. Some vapers may not think it’s necessary, or may dislike the bulkiness of the bubble glass. However, the larger capacity means you spend less time filling your tank. It’s great for people who take their vape with them and don’t want to worry about constantly refilling. You’re also less likely to forget how low your tank is and burn out your coil more quickly from lack of saturation. So if you’re not afraid of it being a little clunky, then you’ll probably appreciate the 8ml e-juice capacity of the VooPoo UForce T1.

Overall Performance of the VooPoo UForce T1

The UForce T1 is definitely one of the better sub-ohm tanks on the market. It performs well, the construction is solid and sturdy, it’s got a great top fill system, and the N1 mesh coils are fantastic. There aren’t too many issues with the tank aside from the drip tip coming loose and the less than awesome U2 coil. In general, I would recommend the VooPoo UForce T1 tank if you’re looking for a well-crafted tank with a large e-juice capacity and a cool industrial style. While it isn’t a complete stand-out as far as performance, it performs just about as well as the other sub-ohm tanks on the market, and it’s a great value for the money, running for about $25 or less.

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