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The SMOK Rolo Badge Ultra Portable System will probably catch your attention, first and foremost, with its design. Shaped like a badge—hence, the name—the SMOK Rolo Badge is available in an array of colors, all of which are aesthetically pleasing. From a vaping manufacturer that has delivered so many innovative mods and tanks, it’s no wonder that SMOK hasn’t had any trouble creating such a nice pod style vaping device.

The Pros of the SMOK Rolo Badge Ultra Portable System

Typically designed with ex-smokers in mind, pod mods are simple to use. These types of ultra portable vaping devices are made to be convenient, so it’s easy to adjust to a pod mod when kicking the cigarettes. The Rolo Badge is 62g, so it’s very light-weight and thin enough to fit inside the pocket of your jeans.

The Nitty-Gritty

As a pod mod system, the SMOK Rolo Badge Ultra Portable System should not be compared to a vaping device such as a mod or a pen style vape. Pod mods are completely different. They are lower wattage devices, so don’t go expecting a system like the SMOK Rolo to deliver extensive clouds. The SMOK Rolo is a lovely pod mod and does exactly what it was made to do. It vapes at around 10 to 16W, has a 2ml capacity, and utilizes fillable pods, or cartridges. It’s also a very affordable device, which is another plus for new vapers or those of you on a budget.

The SMOK Rolo Badge is meant for MTL vaping, generally for use with higher level nicotine e-liquids or nicotine salts. No intense lung-hits here, but you will find that the SMOK Rolo will provide you with nice flavor and a decent throat hit.

It’s as easy as pie to use the Rolo, too. With a draw-activated firing system, all you have to do is inhale to fire the Rolo.

What’s Inside the Kit?

Inside the SMOK Rolo Badge Ultra Portable System kit, you will find the SMOK Rolo Badge, two Rolo Badge cartridges, a Micro USB cable, an instruction manual, and an e-liquid injection bottle.

Is an Ultra Portable Vaping System like the SMOK Rolo Badge for Me?

Want a device that fits inside of your pocket? The SMOK Rolo Badge can be taken just about anywhere without a lot of effort. If you want a system that vapes closer to an e-cigarette hybrid, then the Rolo Badge will definitely suit you. The device functions like a dream. Another pro? The SMOK Rolo cartridges are refillable with whatever e-liquid you would like to use. That’s a huge factor to consider since many similar devices are not refillable and only offer their own compatible, pre-filled cartridges. If you’re a nicotine salt user, a newer vaper, or an MTL vaper, you will love the SMOK Rolo Badge. However, if you’re a self-proclaimed box mod vaper, the SMOK Rolo Badge probably isn’t the device that you’re looking for.

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