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One of the great things about SMOK is that they’re attentive to the different needs of vapers. A trusted vaping manufacturer, SMOK has put out a long list of praise-worthy devices, like the SMOK Mag 225W box mod, or the recently released SMOK Species Kit. Ever feel like you just want a kit that you can take on a short road trip? Or maybe one to use when you don’t have extra space for that huge box mod? If you’ve been looking for a more compact starter kit that can fit almost anywhere, without the fuss of lugging along extra batteries and vaping gear, you may want to consider getting yourself a SMOK Priv M17 Starter Kit. The SMOK Priv M17 mod and tank combo is one of the most portable kits you’ll find in sub-ohm vaping.

The Impressive Design of the SMOK Priv M17 Starter Kit

Back in the day, as a new vaper, I had an old Kanger stick mod. That thing got me through my first six months of vaping, but in the end, it wasn’t ideal for me. In the last few years though, there has been an influx of different, more portable options that are a huge step up from the devices of the past. As far as design value goes, SMOK doesn’t fool around. Practically any device you find from SMOK is going to be aesthetically pleasing.

The SMOK Priv M17 stays true to SMOK’s beautifully crafted chassis. It’s slim and ergonomic, is available in nine different color options, and has a futuristic vibe to it that seems so prevalent these days. This thing fits just about anywhere, which is why it’s a great option for a portable vape device. At only 70mm in height (under 3 inches) with a 17mm tank with a height of 55mm, you can imagine just how portable it really is.

The body is made of zinc alloy, there is a large firing button on the side of the mod, with the Micro-USB charge port beneath it. There is no display screen, as this kit is an internal battery mod with no way to alter your power settings. There is, however, an LED light on the top of the mod, below where the tank sits, that lets you know when the battery is getting low.

The Basics of the SMOK Priv M17 Starter Kit

The SMOK Priv M17 has an internal 1200 mAH battery, chargeable only through the micro-USB port. You can reach a max output of about 60W on the Priv M17. Since it’s an internal battery and there’s no way to alter the power settings, the Priv M17 adjusts intelligently to the resistance of the coil in the tank and will start to lower the power when your battery life is waning.

This device is a great option for those who prefer Mouth-To-Lung vaping, but can also be used for Direct Lung vaping as well. The airflow slots are smaller, and since the wattage doesn’t go above 60, you can expect less vapor production. However, it still outputs some nice flavor.

The SMOK Stick 17mm Tank

The tank paired with the SMOK Priv M17 Starter Kit is the SMOK Stick 17mm tank. The tank has a swivel top fill , holds 2ml of e-liquid, and has dual adjustable bottom airflow slots. While the idea of a 2ml capacity of juice is a negative for some, it is one of the things that makes the tank less clunky.

The Stick M17 Coils

You have two different coil options for the SMOK Priv M17 Starter Kit. The kit includes two of the 0.6-ohm Stick M17 coils. These coils are more notable for the flavor quality. And as mentioned, your Priv M17 mod will adjust power settings automatically based on the resistance of the coil.

There is also a 0.4-ohm Stick M17 coil that can be purchased separately if you would like to increase the amount of vapor that the M17 produces.

Since this is a lower wattage mod, there won’t be massive vapor production no matter what you do, but it performs well for a small, compact mod.

The SMOK Priv M17 Starter Kit is Great for Vapers Who Want a Slim, Simple Kit

While you probably won’t see many cloud chasers flocking to purchase the SMOK Priv M17 Starter Kit, SMOK manufactured the kit to please vapers who want something easy. It’s simple to use, easy to charge with a micro-USB cable, and even better to take on trips when you don’t wish to carry a lot of vaping accessories around with you. It’s a large improvement from these sort of low power mods of the past, and SMOK keeps it stylish. The lack of vaping options might turn off some vapers, but remember, the SMOK Priv M17 and SMOK Stick 17mm mod and tank combo is intended for convenience and ease of use.

You can purchase the SMOK Priv M17 Starter Kit from Vapor DNA!

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