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If you’re a fan of Smoant’s vaping devices, you’ve probably had more experience with their box mods. Of course, they’ve got to make sure that they can keep up with the times as well by producing at least one pod system. Listen up beginners and MTL vapers, because this is really designed for you guys. The Smoant Karat Pod System is shaped like a diamond, hence the name “karat”. The odd shape of this device made me wonder if this was just another gimmick-y pod mod, aiming for a unique aesthetic but failing to really but unique in practice. After vaping it for a while, my assumptions fizzled.

The Design

Yep, the Smoant Karat Pod System is made to look like a precious jewel. And even if you don’t appreciate the shape for a pod system, you have to admit that it looks nice. The colors available are all the same level of appeal, if you ask me. You can find the Smoant Karat Pod System in bronze blue, gradient blue, black, gunmetal, and rainbow.

You’ll notice the Karat logo in the center of the pod mod device. It’s shaped like a diamond and is raised slightly, but this is not a functional button. In fact, there are no buttons on this device.

The Build

Smoant kept it relatively simply in terms of build and functionality. If you’ve owned a pod mod, you’ll be able to figure this out easily. There are only two components: the battery/main device body and the removable pod. The battery is a 370mAh internal battery.

The construction is nicely done. The Smoant Karat Pod System feels sturdy in pretty much every aspect. The chassis of the battery is made of zinc alloy, while the pods are constructed with polycarbonate materials.

The Pods

The Smoant Karat Pod System uses pods with a 2ml capacity and they rate at 1.3-ohms. These are magnetized and stay put when inserted into the battery. To remove them, just give them a tug. What I really want to address here, though, is the coil material. Smoant gave these pods a quartz coil. While most vapers haven’t had experience with quartz material, Smoant claims that this gives you “shorter priming time, no break-in time, and great flavor from the first puff.”

Filling the Pods

Have you ever filled a pod from a pod mod system? Then you’ll realize they’re all pretty much the same. Remove the pod. Take off the sticker from the bottom of the pod (if it’s a brand new) and then lift up one of the ends of the silicone stopper. One odd feature is the Smoant Karat Pod System has two fill ports, so you can remove both ends of the silicone stopper if you wish, but it seems a pointless feature. No one is going to try to fill both sides at the same time, so perhaps they just did this for kicks?

Fill with liquid and put the plug back. Simple, yeah?

Vaping with the Smoant Karat Pod System

I tried the Smoant Karat Pod System with both a high nicotine freebase e-liquid and a salt nicotine e-liquid. To put their claims to the test, I did not leave it sitting to prime very long at all. A minute at that. And while I would love to say that I fell in love from the first puff, I still noticed that there was a significant flavor difference from the first puff to about the tenth puff. But all things considered, this did seem to break-in easier than other pods I’ve used and after the flavor kicked into full gear, it was very good.

The pod lasted me about two weeks, and I noticed a drop in flavor only when the battery was running low and the last day or two of that span.


The Smoant Karat Pod System is a beautiful design, but I understand being skeptical of the diamond shape. However, it’s quite comfortable to hold. It’s pretty slim, so it doesn’t feel cumbersome, but it still feels like it wouldn’t break easily. I love the color options, though they may not be “unique” to the industry, they match well with the diamond shape.

The list of pros is much larger than the cons. This pod system is comfortable, easy to conceal and take with you, the pods don’t have an annoying jiggle, as the magnets are very sturdy, and the flavor from the quartz material is very nice. I won’t say it’s legendary, but it’s smooth, clean, and consistent and what else can a vaper ask for in terms of flavor? This device is a great choice for MTL vapers and new vapers! The draw is nice and tight, so it’s an easier transition device for those who just quit cigarettes.

The cons? Well, it takes a little while to charge. And unfortunately, the internal battery is only 370mAh. If you’re a pretty moderate vaper, you’ll find yourself charging this device at least once a day. Maybe twice. If you don’t vape that much, then you’ll probably get a full day’s charge. The other thing? The kit only comes with one pod. That’s a bummer and I wish that companies would just make the two pod rule a thing.

Purchase the Smoant Karat Pod System here.

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