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A balanced blend of tangy lemons paired with a sweet cream. If a lemon bar vape is what you’ve been chasing, then The Cloud Company Sky may just be for you!

First Impressions:

There’s a lot going on with the label of the Cloud Company line of liquids. I don’t think the clutter ruins the branding in anyway, but I think a little housekeeping could’ve done a lot of good. Besides the vertical and horizontal banner style labeling, everything else is fairly easy to read. As for the angel wearing what appears to be a battle helmet, I’m not really sure how it fits in with the overall company image – and thankfully, that’s not up to me to decide!

Flavor Profile:

A combination of sweet, tangy, and creamy. Fresh baked lemon cookies topped with a sweet cream to balance the citrus bite!


Lemon bar was the absolute first thing that came to mind after smelling this bottle. A tart blend of lemon juice and zest mixed with just enough sugar to reduce the citrus to a tolerable level. A faint hint of butter and cream on the foreground really wrap this one up nicely.

My Setup:

The profile BF RDA by Wotofo with a regular (non-squonking) 510 pin installed, and a mesh style coil on deck (included with the profile). Pulsed on the regulated single 18650 hypercar mod from uwell, airflow shutdown 50% for this review.


Front – A blend of tart and sweet generic store bought lemons (nothing fancy here). The mix seems to be a combination of slightly more docile lemon juice mixed with a hint of floral zest. A handful of white sugar (not literally, of course…) mixed with heavy cream works to smooth the sour characteristics of the liquid considerably. Sky still leans on the tart side of the spectrum.

Middle – As if the cup full of sugar wasn’t enough, Sky receives some additional liquid sweetener/syrup to balance everything out. Some lingering sour nuances  are left behind, but the tangy side of the lemons seems to have been reduced by at least 50%. A faint amount of liquid butter does create the beginnings of what could be a flour crust, but never gains the help of a flour or bread. A buttery mouthfeel and velvety cream carry the vape into the finish.

End – Super smooth creamy mouthfeel give the tart characteristics of this vape the boot. A mild Lemon juice that has been has been stripped of its ‘sour side’ blends with notes of cream and butter, making for a tasty lemon bar finish. Surprisingly, the sugars present in this liquid do not alter the flavor in any significant way.

Aftertaste – Sky is balanced very well. It’s a near perfect (still needs some work…) lemon bar impersonator, that’s missing a crust component!

Cloud Production:

Finally, a bottle of 80% VG. Even with my single mesh coil, and single 18650 mod, I was chucking some seriously dense room filling vapor!

Product Info:

Size/s – 120ml

Available Nic – 0, 1.5, 3, 6 and 9mg

VG/PG ratio – 80/20

Price – $30.00

Bottle type – Chubby gorilla

Final Thoughts:

I still do not think I’d spend $30 on a bottle of this stuff (I found this one in a 2 for $20 bin at a local shop…), but that doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t. Although the crust/cookie component was a bit hard to find in the one, Sky still resembles some of the better aspects of a homemade lemon bar with the slightly sweet curd filling!

Recommendable? You betcha. It may not be the best baked lemon cookie vape ever, but still supports on tasty vape!

ADV? Yes. Even without the buttery flour cookie crust, Sky is quite tasty. It’s complex layered lemon flavors kept me interested for awhile!

Purchase Sky here

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