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Have you been looking for a solid line of tobacco-style e-liquids? You aren’t alone. I was a little thrown off recently when my boyfriend asked me if they make juices that taste like cigarettes or tobacco. Obviously, he isn’t a seasoned vaper. He was asking out of curiosity since a friend wants to kick cigarettes and switch to vaping. My response was “of course there are more traditional options!”

Whether you’ve recently made the switch from smoking to vaping or you simply enjoy tobacco e-liquids, you have tons of options with tobacco juices. While there are straight up tobacco flavors, there are also some pretty cool hybrids out there that offer a tobacco blend with other notes of flavor. Shotgun E-Liquid is one of those brands that produce some hard-hitting tobacco-based flavor combinations you might want to consider. I gave these a try last month, hoping to find some tobacco e-liquids that brought a little something extra to the table.

Shotgun E-Liquid: The Basics and the Branding

Each of the flavors in the Shotgun E-Liquid line has a label that showcases a character drawing, the Shotgun logo at the top and the flavor plain as day. Their branding is easy to read, not too showy, but still gives off a pretty cool vibe to let you know that you’re in for a good time.

The Flavors of the Shotgun E-Liquid Line

You’ve got a few options here. But let me start by saying that the Shotgun line of juices are all a fruit and tobacco blend. They’re sold in 120ml chubby gorilla bottles, have a 20/80 VG/PG ratio, and offer a range of 0-6mg of nicotine.

Raspberry Tobacco by Shotgun E-Liquid

If you’re an ex-smoker trying to kick those tobacco cravings, but you like the idea of a little something extra in terms of flavor, it’s hard to be mad about Raspberry Tobacco by Shotgun E-Liquid. The fresh raspberries make this a standout juice. You get a nice earthiness from the traditional American tobacco notes first and foremost, and underneath to finish there is a slightly sweet raspberry that lends just enough fruit flavor to make this juice addicting.

Orange Tobacco by Shotgun E-Liquid

Like the Raspberry blend, Orange Tobacco E-Liquid is going to make you feel like you’ve discovered something amazing. Again, the forefront of the flavor is a deep, full-bodied tobacco. Then you’re hit with sweet orange that’s vibrant, but doesn’t overpower the classic tobacco profile.

Blueberry Tobacco by Shotgun E-Liquid

Blueberry Tobacco E-Liquid hits it out of the park if you love blueberries. This blend is super interesting with the intensity of the tobacco accompanied with the subtly sweet blueberry flavor.

Product Specs of Shotgun E-Liquid

VG/PG Ratio: 80/20

Available in 0-6mg of nicotine

Sold in 120ml chubby gorilla bottles

Price is $29.99 for 120ml

My Take on the Three Flavors

I gave these juices a shot and was nothing but pleasantly surprised by the balance of flavors. The Shotgun line was unlike other tobacco juices I have tried. The traditional American tobacco flavor was super smooth, and only made smoother by the sweet fruit flavor. While I wasn’t as thrilled with the Orange Tobacco E-Liquid, I do believe anyone who enjoys juices with orange would love the flavor. I enjoyed how these juices vaped in various tanks, but as far as power settings, I found that they produced the purest flavor at mid-range wattages.

These vape juices run for $29.99 for 120ml, which isn’t horrible, but obviously, these are more of a splurge than some of the more affordable juice options. However, I think the uniqueness of these liquids make it worth paying a little extra. These e-liquids by Shotgun truly hit the spot if you’ve recently switched to vaping, but still crave that tobacco taste.

Purchase Shotgun E-Liquid here

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