Orangeade by The Lemonade Stand
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Grab yourself an orange and take the peel off, because you won’t be needing it. Now juice that fruit until your hand hurts and pour a glass. Now vape it. That basically describes Orangeade by The Lemonade Stand.

First Impressions

I really like the branding here. I’m a big fan of simplicity over chaos when it comes to e-juice labels, and this bottle of Orangeade really does the trick. The flavor is clearly marked, and doesn’t leave me searching on the web for 10 minutes just to find the flavor profile; I know exactly what to expect.

I’ll admit, before moving forward, that I was not that excited about this flavor. Oranges happen to fall pretty low on my list of favorite fruits. Anyway, moving on!

Flavor Profile

Orangeade. (That’s it…)


Ok, The Lemonade Stand was not lying. I’m hit with a full spectrum, intense bouquet of oranges right off the bat. Smells ranging from Clementine, to your typical Naval Orange. I took a whiff of this bottle at least 10 times (not kidding), I swear I could differentiate between the flesh and the rind!

My Setup

Simple build for this simple ejuice. A single alien clapton (.18ohms) from my favorite handmade coil maker Saddlehorseblues, on the deck of the Tsunami 24mm by Geek Vape. And the Titan Mods V2 Parallel Box to keep things solid!


Front – My palate is immediately hit with a burst of fresh orange flavor. I’d compare it to taking a sip of freshly squeezed naval oranges at room temperature. I did notice a hint of pulp, but nothing to crazy. Sugar was nowhere to be found!

Middle – Really intense orange flavor. The slightly sweet characteristics of Clementine are established at this point, and the pulp that I picked up on during the beginning has completely diminished (my mind playing tricks on me I would assume).

End – The natural orange sugars slowly dissipate, leaving a signature naval orange taste for the finish.

Aftertaste – my palate was left crystal clean, as expected.

Cloud Production

Pretty damn good, if I do say so myself. Orangeade is an 80/20 blend, which makes it perfect for dripping. My single alien clapton at 80-ish watts (unregulated) in combination with the thick orange blend had a entire floor filled with thick, dense, vapor. 9/10.

Side Note:

Don’t underestimate the simplicity of this one (like I did); it is easily one of the best 100% fruit flavors I’ve vaped in a long long time! It’d be perfect for blending with other flavors too. Ex: Orange + Vanilla Cake w/ Sprinkles?

Product Info:

Size/s – 100ml

Available Nic – 0, 3 and 6mg

VG/PG ratio – 80/20

Price – $21.99

Bottle type – glass dropper style

Purchase this liquid – here

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