Review – Num Skullz Eliquid _ Beachy
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Chalky bananas, papaya, and melon flavors. Num Skullz E-Liquid’s Beachy will remind you of the individually wrapped sweet tart candies handed out on Halloween years ago!

First Impressions:

I was impressed with the packaging of this liquid. Nothing screamed childish, but Num Skullz managed to keep the overall design rather playful. The nic content was clearly marked on the top of the packaging, and the font choice made everything easily legible.

Flavor Profile:

Banana and peach hard candy. A mellowed-out tartness with plenty fruity flavor.


Definitely noted a tropical-esque aroma right off the bat. Bananas with some more subtle hints of papaya or melon. It really does remind me of those little individually wrapped sweet tart candies handed out on Halloween years ago.

My Setup:

A set of random dual core claptons (premade clapton wire, 3mm ID) on the deck of the Twisted Messes Squared (22mm), pulsed on the Wismec Noisy Cricket II-25.


Front – a very subtle tropical undertone; there’s a chalkiness that seems to be responsible for the dulling of the fruit taste. No tartness was noted. I can say, with 100% honest, that this liquid had a certain ‘beachy’ vibe to it.

Middle – Some banana notes up front, followed by more subtle melon flavors. The chalkiness remains as well. Still not picking up on a tartness of any kind.

End – Mild melon and banana are more present here (but not as potent as I had expected), with a hint of another fruit that I was unable to pick up on. The tartness that Num Skullz went out of their way to add to the labelling on the outside of the packaging is still MIA.

Aftertaste – Clean, with a hint of chalkiness left behind. Palate cleaned easily with water.

Cloud Production:

Even on my dual 3mm clapton build, airflow wide open, this 70/30 blend was only able to produce miniature size puffs of vapor (expected…). Don’t bring this one to a cloud competition anytime soon.

Product Info:

Size/s – 30ml

Available Nic – 0, 3 and 6mg

VG/PG ratio – 70/30

Price – $5.50 ($0.18/ml)

Bottle type – Glass dropper style

Final Thoughts:

After vaping on this one for some time, I was able to cut down the airflow on my RDA enough to pick up on the tart notes of the Skullz liquid. But unless you plan on vaping your setup with the airflow shut 90% off, and drying your cotton out faster than mud on a pig in the middle of a Texas summer, I’d seriously recommend enjoying this liquid without the tartness.


Purchase this liquid – here

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