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Nude Premium E-Juice might throw some people off by the blatant wink at Naked’s juices. The package design is very similar, and the pure fruit blends are a competitive attempt at making similar liquid at a cheaper price. But while I love Naked E-Liquids, I am not one to turn away from more affordable options that are comparable. I decided to give Nude Premium E-Juice a try, and I was certainly not disappointed, especially considering the price. If you’re looking for affordable fruit flavors for your next all-day-vape, Nude Premium E-Juice delivers. Here are some of the best flavors in their line.

Nude Premium E-Juice: The Details

The packaging is simple, and showcases what fruits are in the blend of the juice. All Nude e-juices are sold in 120ml gorilla bottles, have a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, and are incredibly smooth, clean, and don’t leave a sickening-sweet aftertaste. The line is available in 0-6mg of nicotine. The price runs for $20 and under, which is a great value.

How I Vaped The Nude Premium E-Juice Liquids

I started vaping these flavors with a SMOK TFV12 Prince Cobra Edition Tank and a GeekVape Blade 235W TC Box Mod. The V2 Prince mesh coils brought out the flavors just as I hoped. I preferred most of the juices at 55-65W with this tank and coil combo. I wanted to see how these liquids tasted at higher wattages, too, so I switched out my tank to my Aspire Revvo and cranked the wattage up to around 85W. Flavor drop off was not a concern. But I do prefer these juices at mid-range wattages for the best flavor experience.

SCP E-Liquid by Nude Premium E-Juice

SCP e-liquid stands from strawberry, coconut, pineapple. This is a refreshing, tangy tropical blend. On the first inhale, the pineapple flavor is the strongest, while you’ll begin to notice the strawberry and creamy coconut as underlying flavors. It’s blended really well; nothing is too overpowering. I was afraid that either the coconut or strawberry would completely obliterate the pineapple flavor, but there is a nice balance of all three fruits. If you like tart, sweet, and creamy, this is a great all-day-vape choice.

POM E-Liquid by Nude Premium E-Juice

Get ready for another more tropical blend with pineapple, orange, mango. POM e-liquid is a little bit tangy and citrusy, however, the orange flavor is more prevalent in the exhale and the aftertaste, which I think was the right decision. I’m not a huge fan of mango flavoring, as it sometimes comes off more like an artificial candy flavor, but Nude got it right. It really does taste like a fresh, ripe mango.

GAS E-Liquid by Nude Premium E-Juice

GAS e-liquid is guava, apple, and strawberry. This e-liquid is delicious no matter how you vape it. It smells great, tastes even better, and doesn’t ever feel overpowering. I’ve previously had bad experiences with apple flavors, so I was a bit wary of this one. But like the other flavor profiles, Nude Premium E-Juice crafted a blend that is similar to the cleanness of Naked juices. Nothing feels out of balance here.

Interested in Fruity, All-Day-Vapes Courtesy of Nude Premium E-Juice?

Nude Premium E-Juice pretty much surpassed my expectations. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the flavor blends as much as I did, and I will certainly be a repeat customer for this line. If you’re looking for a strong throat hit, these juices at their 70/30 VG/PG ratio won’t really cut it, because they are smooth vapes. If you’re interested, they have other fruit flavors available, including a tobacco flavor line.

Purchase Nude Premium E-Juices from Ultimate Vape Deals. It’s $19.99 for a two pack (2 120ml bottles) or $10.99 for one 120m bottle. What a steal.

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