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Never heard of Nikola until now? That’s the reaction a lot of us are having. This newer name in the industry has only a few products available. According to their website, Nikola was established in 2018, and, of course, took the name Nikola because of the influence of Nikola Tesla and his contributions to electricity as we know it today. There are some rumors that this vape brand is a subsidiary of another vape manufacturer, but no one has come out to confirm or deny the fact.  One of the products released by Nikola is the Nikola Wolverine 230W TC Box Mod. Looks a bit futuristic and clunky, but let’s see how it performs.

The Design

When I mentioned it’s rather large and clunky, I wasn’t being harsh. The Nikola Wolverine 230W TC Box Mod is definitely one of those designs that people either love or hate. If you don’t mind the bulk, you shouldn’t have a problem with it. But in my opinion, the manufacturers were not thinking of those with smaller hands when they designed this mod. Not only is the positioning of the buttons on the mod sort of awkward, but just figuring out how to hold onto this thing when you’re a woman with less hand surface…well, it’s a bit uncomfortable for me after a while.

Aside from the large chassis, the design itself isn’t so bad. It looks almost military to me, which may be why the company included a camouflage (army green) color choice. The other colors available are black with a red paint splatter and gunmetal. All of the designs look sick. But what worried me immediately was the comfort. Though Nikola included a sort of gripped surface, the position is odd. Personally, I can’t figure out an ergonomic way to use this mod, and I can see that being a problem for other vapers.

The Build

The Nikola Wolverine 230W TC Box Mod is crafted well. It feels like a device from a company that has been around for a while. The materials used are zinc alloy and ABS material (a type of plastic). The spring-loaded 510 connection is gold plated, another plus. The battery door is located on the bottom of the mod, and this feels nice and secure, with hardly any movement.

The strange part of this mod is really the position of the buttons. The firing button is located on the side with the indented grip. Whereas, the front face of the mod is where you’ll find the 0.96-in TFT screen, the two adjustment buttons, and the micro-USB port. The screen and the buttons are both at an angle, so I can see this just being a bit odd for some vapers. A little thing to pick on, but some prefer things to be centered and easier to access. I’m not certain that I appreciated the positioning of the firing button and having it so far away from where the adjustment buttons are sitting.

Vaping Modes and Functions

Included are the standard vaping modes: power (which includes, a soft, medium, and hard option), TC and TCR. You also get three memory slots. While the Nikola Wolverine 230W Box Mod includes the standard vaping modes, I almost feel like there’s something missing.

The functions for the Wolverine mod are essentially the same across the board with most box mods. Five clicks of the fire button turns the device on and off, while three clicks of the fire button will open up the menu screen. The menu on the Wolverine is a bit more simplistic, and while some will be happy about that, there are certainly other vapers who would prefer a more customizable vaping experience.

Performance: How Does the Nikola Wolverine 230W TC Box Mod Vape?

I really wasn’t certain how this product was going to perform. Considering this is a newer vape brand (or rather, one that is a subsidiary?) it would either fail big time or surprise me. It’s easy to do either of those things when you don’t know what to expect from a company.

I tested the Nikola Wolverine 230W TC Box Mod with the Aspire Cleito Pro Tank for the Power mode. After that, TC and TCR was tested with the Rebirth RDA by Hellvape. In all settings, I can’t say that this box mod functioned badly. While the TC wasn’t perfect and took a bit of fiddling with, overall, the performance was good and the Wolverine did ramp up without issue to that 230W. The power was nice, the chipset hit hard and didn’t give much (if any) or a delay. But was it really extraordinary? I’m not convinced.

Good for Vapers Looking to Upgrade?

If I knew there were some vapers looking to upgrade their set up from a pen style vape or a smaller, less powerful box, I would probably recommend the Nikola Wolverine 230W TC Box Mod. However, I can’t see many experienced vapers running out to buy this mod. It may be the fact that this is a new company, if it really is, but the design is just a bit too awkward. Perhaps other vapers would disagree. And at the cost of the Wolverine, I don’t really think it’s too worthy of the namesake or the confidence that this is the mod to buy at this price. There are so many good options out there in vaping at $50-65, that I’m afraid this box mod just sort of falls into an okay category, rather than an excellent one.

Nonetheless, I can’t deny that it works well and does what it says it does. My only wish is that the engineers at Nikola would have included more features for the price point. It’s an honest truth that at $60, you can find a very good kit that includes a sub-ohm tank, while the Wolverine doesn’t. There isn’t anything truly unique to entice vapers to purchase it over other competitors.

Purchase the Nikola Wolverine 230W TC Box Mod here.

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