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Ripe strawberries pair with slightly tart mixed berries in the juicy fruit drink vape. The flavor in the Magnum line from Broke Dick has been boosted, Prepaid is no exception!

First Impressions

Ok, I’ll be honest. When I first saw the branding of the Broke Dick line-up, I was not thrilled. However, after hearing the background story from the owner (yes, he seriously took the time to give me a brief summary), I completely changed my mind. Since then, the company has re-labeled their bottles using different graphics, but has stuck with the original name. I don’t mind it one bit!

When I tested the first batch of Prepaid previously, I did find the flavor a bit cloudy (weak). The Magnum line from Broke Dick has been supercharged with 25% more flavor, so I had high hopes for this ‘flavor boosted’ blend!

Flavor Profile

A mix of blueberry, raspberry, strawberry and watermelon – mixed with a little magic.


Refreshing notes of blueberry and watermelon upfront, with hints of a tart raspberry on the backend. There seems to be a faint hint of pineapple mixed in as well, but this could just be an overlapping aroma of mixed berry.

My Setup

A single framed staple loaded in the Drop Dead 24mm BF RDA from Hellvape. Pulsed on a DNA 200 box mod from Volcano E-cigs, wattage: 40-60, airflow adjusted 50%.


Front – A watermelon freshness was the first thing I noticed – it is quickly joined by the tart characteristics of a raspberry blueberry mix. The strawberry flavors are more subtle, and do a great job evening things out a bit.

Middle – As the vape progresses, the natural sugars in prepaid intensify. The strawberries almost seem to be rolled in a white sugar, which helps reduce the tartness almost entirely. This results in a pleasant blend of mixed berries, and a smooth strawberry smoothie ‘esque’ mouthfeel.

End – Prepaid ends with a freshly picked strawberry and watermelon. The tart raspberries are the first to dissipate, followed shortly after by the blueberries. The watermelon supports a super juicy exit.

Aftertaste – I don’t remember everything about the previous mix of Prepaid from Broke Dick. But I do recall the non-boosted flavor having a good amount of tartness, where vaping in a 3-6mg blend would’ve supported a decent throat hit. The copious amount of acidity were reduced substantially with an increase in natural sugars, a boost in strawberry, and an extra juicy watermelon. As a result, Magnum Prepaid’s aftertaste is as clean as a whistle.

Cloud Production:

Not bad for a 70/30 blend. The flavor more than makes up for the lack of clouds.

Product Info:

Size/s – 120ml

Available Nic – 0, 3 and 6mg

VG/PG ratio – 70/30

Price – $11.75 / Buy it here!

Bottle type – Jumbo sized unicorn

Final Thoughts

I can see Prepaid being a go-to flavor for a lot of vapers. It was tasty enough to keep me interested, and smooth enough to vape for long periods of time.

Re-purchase? I remember being a bit hesitant about running out to purchase the original blend of Prepaid again. And to be honest, I still wouldn’t run out to replace a bottle of the stuff after it’s gone; as tasty as it is, it’s just not my cup of tea — but that’s just a subjective taste thing, not a comment on the quality of the juice.

Recommendable?  Absolutely. Fans of a nice smooth mixed berry flavor are really going to dig this one!

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