The iJoy Avenger 270 234W Kit with Voice Control
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Imagine the voice control settings that you like to use on your phone, but for a vape mod! Say what? That’s what the iJoy Avenger 270 234W Kit brings to the table. iJoy claims to hold their brand to “superior qualities, superior cost management…and superior technological developments” consistently setting “new standards” for the vaping industry. In any case, it seems that the company is keen on making huge leaps in vaping technology with voice control in the iJoy Avenger.

So How Exactly does the iJoy Avenger 270 234W Kit’s Voice Control Work?

To be honest, the biggest claim to fame here is the voice control technology. When you think about the way we use tech—especially with the newest computers, home tech, and cell phones—it seems like some of the vape mods on the market should be able to hold their own with similar features. That’s what iJoy is trying to do with the Avenger 270 234W kit. Just as you would say, “Alexa,” or “Siri,” iJoy’s listening mode is turned on by simply saying “Hello iJoy.” This is to prompt your device for other voice control commands. There are several voice controls for you to utilize, aside from the unlocking mechanism. Here is a list of the commands:

Auto Power” – This works to change your default power, such as wattage mode, TC mode, etc.

“Auto Watt” – Say this to change the wattage back to the coil’s recommended wattage settings.

“Power high” – Will increase your current wattage by 10W.

“Power low” – Will decrease your current wattage by 10W.

“Lock device” – Will lock your device.

“Unlock device” – Will unlock your device.

“Turn on light” – Will turn on the display lights.

“Change color” –  Switches the display color to the next setting.

“Music Light” – This command changes the  lights to music mode.

“Romantic Light” – A predefined light display.

“Light off” – Will turn the lights off.

“Shut down” – Will turn the mod off.

The Surface Features Versus Performance Features

In terms of looks, the Ijoy Avenger 270 allows you to program the LED lights, with four color choices or a random cycle of colors. Sound activation with the music light is also a feature that allows the lights to function with sounds.

The iJoy Avenger is compatible with 18650 batteries with the use of adapters, as well as the standard 20700 batteries for the mod. Preheat options include user, normal, soft, and hard. There are SS, Ni, Ti, and two different TCR memory modes for the TC mode features and whatever build you prefer.

The kit comes with the Avenger Sub-Ohm tank, which is a 25mm diameter with a top fill system that holds about 4.7mm of e-juice. The Avenger tank is pretty decent as far as leaks—they shouldn’t occur too often as long as you’re properly filling the tank.

The coils in the kits are from the X3 coil series. You’ll get a X3-Mesh, which is a 0.15 ohm coil that works anywhere from 40-90W, and a X3-C1s coil. The C1s is a 0.35 ohm coil that is typically best at around 40-80W.  All in all, the coils here function really well, but the best of the series is the X3-Mesh at the 015ohms. The iJoy Avenger has a great airflow and when combined with the X3 coil series, it’s certainly a good cloud beast tank.

If you choose to use the 20700 batteries versus the 18650s with adapters, the battery life on the iJoy Avenger 270 234W Kit is a hard one to beat. Frankly, any kit that gives you the option for 20700 or 21700 batteries will last longer without charge, and it’s a feature worth considering if you’re looking for a device that uses batteries you won’t need to charge as often.

The Pros and the Cons of the iJoy Avenger 270 234W Kit

A potentially longer battery life for on-the-go vaping and the cool voice control features set this mod apart from the other choices on the market. If you aren’t a techie and don’t so much care for the voice control functions, then the iJoy Avenger may not be the right choice for you. Furthermore, this starter kit might be a little advanced for those of you looking for a device that’s mostly self-explanatory. But if you love the advanced features, AI options, and the overall aesthetic, and power capabilities of the Avenger 270, then it’s definitely a mod worth purchasing.

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