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Every once and a while it’s nice to give a shout out to an e-liquid brand that I really enjoy. Gost Vapor e-liquid is a brand that remains tried and true. If you haven’t used any of their e-liquids, then you’re really missing out on something unique. Gost Vapor’s e-liquids are all over 80% VG, which makes for a smooth, cloud-heavy vape. They also state on their website that they never use diacetyl or acetate in their e-liquids, so if you’ve been nervous about these ingredients in the past, you don’t have to worry about Gost’s.

What Makes Gost Vapor E-Liquid Stand Out?

If you appreciate e-juice companies that are constantly on the prowl for the next great flavor, instead of trying to jump on everybody else’s overdone bandwagon, then you’ll appreciate the hard work that goes into Gost Vapor’s flavors. Plus if you’re a cloud-chaser, you’ll love the vapor clouds that these juices provide.

Throwing it Back: Gost Vapor’s Pink

Although this flavor has been around for a long while, and you can’t find it absolutely everywhere, it’s one that is worth tracking down. Gost decided to create a pina colada cupcake e-liquid and name it Pink. It is by far one of the most satisfying blends of coconut and pineapple that I’ve come across. You can find Gost Vapor’s Pink here.

Gost Vapor’s Pancake House Line

Gost Vapor e-liquid makes a line called The Pancake House. This line of e-liquids is for all of the breakfast fanatics. Don’t get ready to skip ahead, though, if you aren’t a breakfast fan, because Gost’s Pancake House line of e-liquids is tough to beat, even if you aren’t a big savory juice vaper. The Pancake House by Gost Vapor’s offers five different hotcake varieties: Golden Maple, Raspberry Pancake, Banana Nuts, Blueberry Flapjacks, and Glazed Strawberry. They are all available in 0-6mg and are sold in 100ml bottles. All of the juices in the Pancake House line offer an uncanny maple pancake flavor and buttery goodness. If you choose to vape one of the pancake and fruit combos, you’ll be wanting to vape this juice all day.

Gost Vapor’s Nic Salt Line of Nicotine Salt E-Liquids

Great news for those of you who vape low outputs: Gost Vapor makes nicotine salts, too. Their Nic Salt line of e-liquids keeps it pretty streamlined as far as the flavor profiles go, but the quality is uncompromising. If you are an MTL vaper who prefers vaping a higher percentage of nicotine, Gost did not neglect you. Gost Vapor’s Nic Salt line is sold in 30ml bottles and contains 59mg of nicotine. They currently offer these flavors: Sweets (a peachy-pineapple gummy flavor), Tobacco, Menthol, Lemon Cream, and Fruit (a fresh apple blend).

Great Clouds and Unique Flavor

Gost Vapor crafts e-liquid that is high quality, with unique blends, and formidable cloud production. If you’re feeling like a breakfasty, all-day-vape then give Gost Vapor e-liquids a shot. Or if you’re searching for a new salt nicotine line of e-liquids, Gost has you covered.

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