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It’s not everyday that a vape juice manufacturer compares themselves to the freshness of a country farm. But that’s exactly what Fresh Farms E-Liquids has done. The branding reminds me a bit of the hiker image that Yogi E-Liquids tries to convey, only this time, it’s farm fresh ingredients. Fresh Farms E-Liquids claims to churn out “the freshest, fruitiest e-liquid products around,” calling themselves “purveyors of hand-crafted e-liquid flavors exploding with ripe flavors of fresh fruits.” We all know that vape juice is not made on a farm, but the image we get of those fresh fruits is a nice one, and if you ask me, it’s rather ingenious marketing. But let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and see how these fruity e-liquids stack up.

Farm Fresh E-Liquids Branding and Packaging

The labels on the Fresh Farms E-Liquid line have clean graphics with a barn roof logo and a sun rising out of the horizon on the side of the box. It’s easy to find the name of the e-liquid and the flavor profile, both of which sit below the brand’s logo. The design isn’t too showy, and it gives the impression of the flavors you’re (hopefully) going to encounter.

Barnyard Berry E-Liquid

Barnyard Berry E-Liquid is a simple concoction of strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry mixed with sugar and a very subtle lemon. On vaping this liquid, I immediately got the flavor of the berries, and thankfully the added sweetness wasn’t too much to handle. It took me a bit to notice the lemon, which I expected. It’s very subtle, and more noticeable on the exhale of the vapor than anything else. But what I did realize? Just as Fresh Farm E-Liquids claims on their website, the lemon exhale sort of provides a way to cleanse your palate, meaning the juice doesn’t start to dull as your taste buds get used to it, at least, not as quickly.

Morning Melon E-Liquid

Love melon e-liquids? To me, they are usually a hit or miss. I had to try to curb the skeptic in me for this one, but my skepticism didn’t last very long. Morning Melon e-liquid is a blend of honey dew melon, watermelon, and cantaloupe, plus a hint of mint. The flavor profiles in Morning Melon are pretty seamless. This is a lighter e-liquid, but I love the subtlety of it. This is easily a great choice for an all-day-vape, because the flavor is fresh and manages to blend the sweet taste of these fruits without feeling syrupy, plus that little added mint aftertaste makes it taste even better.

How I Vaped Fresh Farms E-Liquid

I gave these two flavors a try with my Augvape Skynet Mesh tank and a Geekvape Blade 235W mod. The Augvape coils are best at around 70-75W, so I didn’t vape these juices at higher wattages with this tank. But the flavor came out super pure, and after I tried the juices with a different tank at a higher wattage, I actually preferred the flavors at those mid-range wattages( around 50-80W). Higher than that and the flavors started to mute a bit. After testing these two juices for a few days, though, I have to agree with the all-day-vape argument. I’ll be reaching for these bottles until they’re empty.

Product Information: Fresh Farms E-Liquids

VG/PG Ratio: 65/35

Available in 0-6mg of nicotine

Sold in 60ml Unicorn Bottle

Price is $19.99 for 60ml

If You Love Natural Fruit Flavors, You’ve Got to Buy These

Rarely do I find juices that actually leave me craving them after about a week. I  have a handful of favorites that I know I will re-purchase, but some juices just get a little boring after a while. However, the juices from Fresh Farms E-Liquid are a good step above many other fruit blends I’ve tried. I may even say these blends are nearly as good as Naked e-juices, and that’s saying a lot. I’m going to be picking up some of their salt-based juices next. If you’re searching for a refreshing all-day-vape juice, go pick one of these up from Fresh Farms E-Liquid.

Purchase Fresh Farms E-Liquid here.

Interested in their Salt-Nic Liquids? Find those at Aspen Valley Vapes in Barnyard Berry or Morning Melon.

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