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Elysian Labs makes several lines of e-liquid. If you haven’t heard of Elysian Labs before, their company produces many best selling flavors. They’ve been in the vaping industry for over four years, giving vapers juices that taste like their favorite sweet and savory treats, fruit blends, and tobacco flavors. I tried one of the Elysian Breakfast e-liquids a few months ago and since then I’ve been hooked.

The Packaging of Elysian Breakfast E-Liquids

All of the e-liquids from Elysian Labs have clean, graphic designs with the flavor name front and center, followed by the Elysian branding below. The Elysian Breakfast e-liquids feature a retro font and a graphic background that reminds me of my favorite breakfast spots. The flavor details are not listed on the bottles, but you can easily look them up below or at an online juice store.

Lemon Cream by Elysian Breakfast E-Liquids

Lemon Cream is one of the best flavors in this line. This blend is a lemon custard filled doughnut. Vaping this flavor, you’ll notice the sweet lemon first, with a custard flavor in the middle. It’s only on the exhale that the doughnut flavor becomes noticeable, so if you’d prefer more doughnut and less lemon, you might feel a little let down. However, the creamy and sweet combination of this juice is rock solid.

Apple Bomb by Elysian Breakfast E-Liquids

Looking for a breakfast cereal e-liquid that isn’t the same as all the others? Apple Bomb by Elysian Breakfast E-Liquids brings you a sweet cereal flavor, complemented with fresh apples and a hint of cinnamon. On the inhale you’ll taste a mingling of apples and cereal flakes. The cinnamon is more of a background flavor, but you do catch it in the middle and the exhale, along with a slightly tart finish.

K by Elysian Breakfast E-Liquids

Another nice cereal flavor, K e-liquid takes toasted rice cereal and whole milk, and then goes a step further with ripe strawberries. Seriously, this flavor is surprisingly good. You get a lot of creaminess from the whole milk notes. Plus, the addition of strawberries brings this juice a little balance, so you’re not just getting straight up rice cereal flavor.

Nana Flakes by Elysian Breakfast E-Liquids

Like K e-liquid, Nana Flakes is creamy, fruity, and sweet. They’ve mixed corn flakes, rich milk, and sliced bananas together. If you’ve ever had banana slices in your cereal, then you know just how good this can be. This juice refrains from being too much and has been a go-to all-day-vape for me since I purchased my first bottle.

Silky by Elysian Breakfast E-Liquids

Do you prefer your cereal without fruit? Elysian has you covered there, too. Silky e-liquid is nutty, creamy, with a bit of cinnamon. On the inhale you’ll taste the cinnamon-coated cereal, notice the milk flavor, and then a nice surprise of nutty sliced almonds. This juice is super smooth, with the perfect balance of flavor. And they could have gone overboard with the cinnamon, but they didn’t.

Product Details of the Elysian Breakfast Line

VG/PG Ratio: 70/30

Available in 0-6mg of nicotine

Sold in 60ml Unicorn Bottles

Price is $19.99 for 60ml

Vape Your Breakfast? Yes, Please.

Elysian Breakfast E-Liquids are addicting if you’re a breakfast lover. Depending on your preference, any of these juices make for a great all-day-vape. I prefer these flavors anywhere from 40-80W, as the profiles come out best in this range. However, they still taste great above 80W.

Want to buy a juice from Elysian Breakfast E-Liquids? Find them at ejuices.com. Some of the other juices by Elysian Labs are currently on sale, so take a peek.

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