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Big Bottle Co. is a brand that I’d recommend to vapers looking to save some money. Buying vape juice does not have to empty your wallet! There are some phenomenal premium e-liquids that are a nice treat when you’ve got the cash, but as an everyday vaper, there will be times when you just want to buy a big bottle of juice that doesn’t cost a fortune. Luckily, there are brands out there like Big Bottle Co. — who produce juices with quality ingredients and amazing flavor without leaving you feeling buyer’s remorse. They’ve got a sick blue raspberry lemonade e-liquid flavor—Electric Lemonade by Big Bottle Co.—that’s well worth the price of $20 for 120ml.

Electric Lemonade by Big Bottle Co.’s Packaging

Electric Lemonade by Big Bottle Co. comes in a funky blue, yellow, and white box. From the blue raspberries and yellow lightning strikes surrounding a tall glass with a lemon wedge, It’s pretty easy to gather that the flavor of this e-juice is a tangy blue-raspberry. Big Bottle Co. sells this e-liquid in a plastic 120ml size. I tend to prefer e-liquid in plastic bottles, simply for the portability.  Electric Lemonade is a part of Big Bottle Co.’s Lemonade Stand line, which is pretty satisfying if you like a tangy, sweet, and sour vape.

The Flavor

The main concern with a lemonade e-liquid is always the amount of balance there is between sweet and tart. If an e-liquid is too tart, it can leave you with a bitter aftertaste that isn’t so pleasant. Luckily, Big Bottle Co. was able to create a nice blend between the contrasting flavors. Vaping Electric Lemonade by Big Bottle Co. is an invigorating experience. The first thing you’ll notice is an intense blue-raspberry flavor, with an underlying tart lemon, and a finish that is a bit more sweet than sour.

How Does Electric Lemonade Vape?

The clouds from this e-liquid are quite massive. It’s an 85/15 VG/PG blend, so the throat hit is mild unless you crank up the wattage. But one thing to consider is the tang of Electric Lemonade. The tart, sour notes increase the sensation in your throat when vaping, so you might notice a bit more than you’d expect. If you’re looking for those huge clouds, vape this with your airflow wide open. If you’d like a little less vapor and an increase in flavor, the halfway point gives Electric Lemonade a nice happy medium.

I’ve been vaping this juice with my Smok G-Priv mod and an Aspire Revvo tank. The Revvo gives your e-liquid a dryer quality, which actually compliments this juice well. At around 65-80W Electric Lemonade is a perfect sweet and sour combination. I’ve found that anything above 85W makes this juice a little on the harsh side.

Product Specs of Electric Lemonade by Big Bottle Co.

VG/PG Ratio: 85/15

Available in 0-6mg of nicotine

Sold in 120ml Gorilla Bottle

Price is $19.99 for 120ml

Blue Raspberry Lemonade to Finish Out the Summer? Yes, Please!

Overall, Big Bottle Co.’s Electric Lemonade gets a high rating from me. The flavor profiles are well blended, and I really like that the primary focus is a tart blue raspberry. I was impressed that Electric Lemonade didn’t leave a bitter aftertaste, like I have experienced from other lemonade juices. The clouds from this e-liquid are far from disappointing, especially if you’ve got a sub-ohm tank that has a larger airflow.

Purchase Electric Lemonade here!

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