The Dunker by Morning Fix
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The Dunker by Morning Fix offers up warm, freshly made custard with hints of vanilla bean, served in a phyllo crust. The perfect base to amplify any fruit flavored e-juice!

First Impressions:

Very professional branding. The Dunker by Morning Fix was actually one of two liquids from the same the same manufacturer: Morning Fix (The Dunker – The Cup). The two flavors were actually designed to be mixed together by the user, or enjoyed alone separately.

Flavor Profile: 

Glazed doughnut with custards and creams.


Notes of homemade custard right off the bat. Hints of vanilla bean in the foreground.

My Setup:

Dual fused claptons from saddlehorseblues (.17ohms) on the deck of the Engine RTA from OBS (The OG version, the Engine II is available now). Fired on a DNA200 Lavabox from Volcano Ecigs.


Front – Freshly made custard right out of the oven. No additional sweetness which was a bit surprising. This would be a great flavor as a base for mixing with other e-juices (fruits, chocolates, nuts etc).

Middle – I noticed more of the dense characteristics of the custard here; it had a really nice texture/mouthfeel. The vanilla bean that was present initially, takes a backseat for the time being.

End – Imaging eating a bowl of warm custard in a light phyllo dough crust. The thick texture of the custard really elevates this vape to another level. The vanilla bean that was so pronounced in the beginning has completely dispersed.


Clean. No lingering at all. Very nice!

Cloud Production:

70/30 blends are great for tanks and flavor production. However, they are really bad if you’re trying to chuck the thick clouds. I’d rate this one a 5/10.

Product Info:

Size – 2x30ml bottles

Available Nic – 0, 3, and 6mg

VG/PG ratio – 70/30

Price – $27.99 (2x30ml bottle package | The Cup & The Dunker)

Bottle type – glass dropper style

Additional Notes:

While this was a very flavorful vape, I never found doughnut flavors of any kind. Characteristics of a phyllo dough crust were present, but nothing more. The sweetness level was also non-existent (surprising for anything with icing…). I’d describe The Dunker as a fresh bowl of custard w/ hints of vanilla bean in a light flaky pie crust. As for the sweet glazed doughnut with custard promised by the description, this liquid fell far short.

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