CBD Drip Gold
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If you’ve been thinking about trying CBD, and haven’t experienced a clean full spectrum cannabinoid product, CBD Drip Gold is a great starting point! Check out my review and then try it for yourself.

First Impressions:

Very classy branding. The text on the outside of the CBD Drip box was easy to read, and the color palate carried over onto the bottle itself. This was my first time trying any CBD/hemp based product, so I apologize ahead of time for any inaccuracies in my “feel” description to follow.


Gold was odorless for me. This product is also specifically designed to be mixed into your favorite e-juice (what I did). They did however, state that some users drip the product directly onto their tongue.

I notice a slight bitterness associated with the product after applying one drop in my mouth. I also tried dripping four drops in half a cup of butter coffee (keto coffee…) and was not able to pick up on any notable changes in flavor.

My Setup:

Dual clapton build (3mm ID, .20ohms) on the twisted messes squared, pulsed on the Wismec Noisy Cricket II-25.


6 drops in 5ml of 70/30 blueberry coconut blend from iBliss Vapor.


Time: Start 9:45pm – End 11:07pm

Before: I was a bit on the jittery side my first time vaping CBD. After a long eight-hour-plus work day, making arrangements for an upcoming trip to TX, and knocking out some important truck-related maintenance tasks the day before, I was definitely a bit wound up. Of course, drinking a cup of coffee after I got home that night didn’t help the situation. It should be noted before starting, that I consider myself a “shaky handed” individual — even with zero caffeine in my system, my hands have a pretty consistent movement.

During: I slowly started to notice the effects of the product after 15-20 minutes. A full body calming effect was noted at this point shortly into the session. I was still alert and cognizant of my surroundings. Quite a pleasant experience indeed!

After: I’d say five-to-six drops is a good baseline to start. After familiarizing myself with the “feel”, I’d be ok with doubling the drops added to my e-juice. I noted a few things after vaping my liquid mix — but the most notable was the decrease in the shake of my hands! I’ll use a simple analogy to describe the feeling after vaping:

Imagine your body had a dial. At the beginning of a typical day, this dial may start low (two or three). Upon dealing with the various stresses associated with a normal eight hour shift at the office, that same dial is now turned up to Max (nine or ten). After vaping on CBD Drip Gold, this dial gets turned down to a more reasonable level again: (two to five).

Cloud Production:

A used a 70/30 blend to mix Gold. So, no cloud chasing here. I chose a lighter blend, because I felt that it would be easier to mix with the product.

Product Info:

Size/s – 7ml

Strength – Regular

Price – $8.78

Bottle type – Plastic push top dropper style bottle

Purchase this product – here

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