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Smooth mild roast coffee flavor with just the right amount of liquid caramel. If you enjoy a good cup of joe in the morning, and wouldn’t mind having another mid-day, Cafe #7 from Om Vapors is definitely worth checking out!

First Impressions:

The branding used by Om Vapors is really quite classy. They use the same general graphic design on all their e-liquid lines, with some minor variations, that keeps everything consistent throughout. Everything from the large white Om logo, to e-juice names and the colorful background images work to give their bottles a bit of character. You won’t find any cartoon characters or vulgar wording here, and it’s definitely not necessary! Just goes to show that putting a little extra work in on label design can pay off in a big way.

Flavor Profile:

Strong black coffee, slightly diluted by creamer and fresh milk. Addition of a warm caramel note that works to bring everything together.


The aroma coming from this bottle is totally different from what I expected. The coffee smell is more of a mild to medium roast, with a good amount of caramel thrown into the mix. The smells were so mellow in fact, that I actually threw a bit on my finger to give it a taste prior to vaping. This should be a well balanced coffee vape!

My Setup:

Drop Dead 24mm with a single alien framed staple (.26ohms) from Saddlehorseblues, sitting on top of the Hypercar mod from Uwell. I started with the airflow shutdown half way


Front – Fresh mild roast coffee upfront, with a good amount of soft caramel flavor through in for good measure. All acidity has been removed from the coffee bean itself, and has been replaced by a touch of sugar. I didn’t notice any cream at this point, but assume it will make its presence known toward the middle of the vape.

Middle – Just as I suspected, the cream flavors makes an entrance towards the middle of the vape. Although the mild roast flavor could easily stand on its own, the addition of a heavy cream works to wrap this round this liquid out. There’s just enough sweetness present (mostly caramel) to keep any acidity at bay, and not a pinch more.

End – This flavor ends sort of unexpectedly. Compared to a classic macchiato were everything finishes smoothly with caramel being the main attraction, a mild-medium roast coffee flavor wraps Cafe #7 up.

Aftertaste – Absolutely no lingering whatsoever. And that’s a toast to Cafe #7 for sure. The majority of coffee vapes I’ve experienced tend to leave your palate with a good amount of bitterness. Om Vapors managed to remove that bitter coffee roast entirely, and I couldn’t appreciate it more.

Cloud Production:

I really like the 75/25 blend used by Om Vapors. Even with a single coil setup at a low-ish 50 watts, I was able to produce some impressive vapor. Not on the room fogging level of a max VG, but plenty enough for my liking.

Product Info:

Size/s – 30, 120ml

Available Nic – 0, 1.5, 3 and 6mg

VG/PG ratio – 75/25

Price – $24.99 (120ml)

Bottle type – 120 IDPE

Final Thoughts:

Cafe #7 is a super clean coffee vape, with just the right amount of liquid caramel flavor. No bitterness present in this one at all.

Recommendable? Heck yeah. If you like treating yourself with a little flavored coffee every once in awhile, or can appreciate a really good cup of joe, you’ll want to check this one out!

ADV? Yes. That’s a no brainier for me. I love my morning cup of coffee, so adding another cup mid-day definitely works for me!

Purchase Cafe #7 here.

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