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BLVK Unicorn E-Liquid is based out of Los Angeles, California. These premiums e-liquids are incredibly flavorful, with an emphasis on current vape trends. Their flavor blends are smooth, satisfying, and fun. I encountered BLVK Unicorn E-Liquid about a year ago and have yet to be disappointed with their products.

BLVK Unicorn E-Liquid has six flavor lines: BLVK, WYTE, FRZN, CHBY, MILK BOX, and SALT. Their e-liquids come in 0-6mg. Each of these lines caters to flavor preference, which makes it easier to remember once you know what type each of them is. Let’s take a look at my favorites from BLVK Unicorn E-Liquids: the BLVK, WYTE, and MILK BOX lines.

BLVK Unicorn’s BLVK Line—Fruits

BLVK Unicorn’s BLVK line has several fruit combinations—and they’re all pretty unique. These juices have a 80/20 VG/PG ratio. This is going to mean greater cloud production and flavor profiles that are slightly more subtle. In my experience, though, the e-juices in this line still pack a pretty nice punch.

Flavor Profiles: Uniapple is a blend of red and green apples, which totally makes me feel like it’s apple season. This juice is especially nice as a daily summer or fall vape. In the BLVK line you will also find Unichew (strawberry taffy), Unidew (mixed berries, ripe strawberry, and honeydew melon), and Uniloop (fruity cereal).

BLVK Unicorn’s WYTE Line—Desserts

The WYTE line from BLVK Unicorn is just as satisfying, if not more so, as their BVLK fruit line. The VG/PG ratio for these e-liquids are 70/30 and 75/25, so you’re going to experience slightly less density in your clouds and a greater throat hit. Choose from Unicake (blueberry crumble cake), Unicoco (a pear and coconut blend), or Uninuts (vanilla bean ice cream with hazelnuts and almonds). Personally, Unicake simply blows it out of the water for me. If you’re a fan of blueberries, you’ve found your new favorite juice.

BLVK Unicorn’s MILK BOX Line—Milk

BLVK Unicorn’s MILK BOX line offers three great options: MILK BOX Melon, MILK BOX Mango, and MILK BOX Chocolate. These are all 30/70 VG/PG ratio e-liquids. They are flavorful without being overpoweringly sweet, which is a big plus if you’re planning to vape one of these for more than a few hits. MILK BOX Melon and Mango are both similar to a creamy smoothie taste, with their nice blend of fruit and milk. MILK BOX Chocolate is a smooth chocolate milk flavor, best for an occasional vape unless you want to be tasting chocolate milk all day.

Think You’d Like to Try BLVK Unicorn E-Liquid?

If any of these flavors sound like something you’d enjoy, don’t hesitate. BLVK Unicorn is a solid company, with a variety of flavor profiles that will make you a happy-vaper. You can purchase BLVK Unicorn E-Liquid from

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