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A mix of berry hard candy flavors from your middle school days. A bit sour, a tad tart, and very sugary. If you like hard candy coated e-juices, Batch from Candy King is worth checking out.

First Impressions:

I’m not a fan of Candy King’s branding on any of their e-liquid lines, they come off as a bit kid-ish. The name of the flavor is okay, but the company name ‘Candy King’ makes them the perfect target for FDA attention. Large companies (and small businesses) are no fool – they know candy has a certain level of appeal to kids etc., so I’m not really sure why they’d risk including candy in their name, unless they were looking to target younger crowds of vapers. A candy title is not the worst thing, but it does come with its own subset of risks, one of which happens to be appealing to vapers under the age of 18.

Flavor Profile:

Batch of sour candy.


Smells like a mix between a bag of sour Warheads, and jolly ranchers. I had a hard time picking out individual aromas from Batch. Should be an interesting vape.

My Setup:

Dual 3mm claptons on the deck of the phenotype-L, with the airflow half way open. It’s been awhile since I pulled this little 22mm flavor banger and dusted it off! Pulsed on the Volcano E-cigs Lavabox DNA 200.


Front – Interesting was the first word that came to mind. I was able to pick up on a ton of fruits, but had a hard time (like the smell) placing my finger on each individual component. I’d compare Batch to the red and blue sour warhead, with a bit of peach or Jolly Rancher thrown in for good measure. The tartness level was not super high, but the sugar content definitely was.

Middle – Still having a hard time picking out individual fruit flavors. If I had to guess what direction Candy King was trying to take this one, I’d lean towards mixed berry. There seems to be a good amount of natural tartness one would associate with a raspberry or blueberry, and a decent amount of what seems to be a mango juice of sorts (total guess). The high level of sweetener does not help this vape; I feel like CK could’ve pulled off the same flavor with half the amount of sugar.

End – The mixed berry Warhead type candy flavor is actually really nice on the finish. Unfortunately the level of sugar has me second guessing that statement almost immediately. The tartness level decreases toward the end, which helps; but the copious amount of sweetener masks what little individual fruit flavor Batch has to offer.

Aftertaste – As you probably guessed, there’s a good bit of lingering going on here. It’s easily cleared with a sip or two of cold water, but get’s a bit annoying after vaping for 30 minutes. Definitely a full on hard candy flavor.

Cloud Production:

I was able to produce a decent clouds with my setup. The vapor was on the wispy side, and more of a pale white color, but still not bad considering Candy King’s 70% VG base.

Product Info:

Size/s – 100ml

Available Nic – 0, 3 and 6mg

VG/PG ratio – 70/30

Price – $17.99

Bottle type – jumbo unicorn style gorilla

Final Thoughts:

I really wanted this flavor to be good, especially after hearing all the hype. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely not the worst thing I’ve vaped (far from it actually), but is no where near earning my ADV tag. I honestly feel like Candy King could’ve accomplished the same thing with half the sugar, and would’ve had a much more ‘vape-able’ liquid in the end.

Would I recommend this to a friend? No. Not unless they like super sugary candy flavors…

ADV? Not for me. If Candy King releases a low sugar line, maybe…

Purchase Batch here

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