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Ripened sliced bananas sautéed with butter and a pinch of brown sugar in a pan, cooked under a med-med high heat. Banana from FRYD E-Liquid encapsulates that traditional dessert almost perfectly!

First Impressions:

I really like what FRYD has done with their branding. Everything is simple, clean, and presentable — from their lettered logo to their choice of font — it just works. The flavor name is clearly listed on the bottle as well, along with the nicotine content and viscosity. An image of a food item adds to the overall design and removes any guesswork vapers might have moving forward.

I picked this bottle of FRYD Banana up at a local vape shop just the other day. I actually been had been meaning to try FRYD for quite some time! This 60ml bottle was in a 50% off basket, so I simply could not resist. Plus, I’m a real sucker for banana vapes, so it was a win win!

Flavor Profile:

Deep fried golden brown banana slices served with butterscotch. Sweet banana, buttery cream topped with crumbled graham cracker cookies!


If you’ve ever made homemade bananas flambe, then you’d recognize this smell almost instantly. Ripened sliced bananas, sautéed with butter and a pinch of brown sugar in a pan, cooked under a med-med high heat. The natural sugars start to caramelize, leaving a wonderful brown crust presentation. That’s exactly what I picked up on here!

My Setup:

Dual 3mm claptons on the deck of the Drop Dead RDA. Pulsed on the Titan V2 parallel from Silver Steam. I had the airflow shutdown half way for the majority of this review!


Front – Fresh banana flavor right off the bat. I picked up on a bit of heavy cream and liquid butter on the end as well. There’s a bit of brown sugar, that I hope will transform into a caramel as the vape progresses. The sweetener level is surprisingly low, even with the raw sugar mixed in.

Middle – Just as I suspected, the brown sugar becomes more pronounced, and mixes with the cream, to make a nice light caramel. The bananas seem to be dipped in butter at this point, but still maintain that signature ripened fruit taste. There’s a bit of bread or flaky dough in the foreground that reminds me of a simple white flour pie crust; it keeps everything together nicely.

End – FRYD finishes this liquid with a creamy banana kind of deal (imagine taking 3-4 ripe bananas, and throwing them in a blender with a bit of cream or milk). The caramel never really transitions into a full on butterscotch, but it honestly does not affect this liquid at all.

Aftertaste – Really clean all things considered. There’s a lot going on here, but the only flavor characteristic that seemed to stick around longer than it should was the caramel; and it’s not as bad as some of the other super sugary vapes I’ve had in the past either.

Cloud Production:

Pretty ridiculous if I had to be honest. I had a hard time finding the keys on my keyboard to write this review. FRYD is a Max VG blend, so combine that with a big ol’ dual clapton build on an unregulated dual parallel box mod, and you’re just asking for trouble!

Product Info:

Size/s – 60ml

Available Nic – 0, 3 and 6mg

VG/PG ratio – Max VG

Price – $17.99 (I got it for: $10. Not bad!)

Bottle type – Unicorn Bottle

Final Thoughts:

I’d compare this liquid to a pan of bananas flambe (heavy on the butter), where a few tablespoons of flour and another pinch of brown sugar are added to the pan after cooking, making a simple sauce topping of sorts. Very well done!

Recommendable? Definitely. This is an adult version of the tasty banana vapes you may be accustomed to. Worth checking out for sure!

ADV? Unfortunately, I can’t really see vaping this one for long periods of time. Just as you can only have one helping of bananas flambe… It’s more of a ‘once in awhile’ kind of flavor.

I’m a firm believer of supporting your local vape shop. But if you can’t find this FRYD Banana there, you can grab some online here.

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