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Everyone wants a better vaping experience. That’s pretty much a given. That’s why vapers are constantly looking for the next best in vape tech, as well as the newest juices. Well, Space Jam E-Liquid is a premium juice brand with the idea of improvement as their top goal. They started manufacturing in 2012, and now they distribute their juices all over the USA and is exporting around the globe. It seems this brand of e-liquids has something for everyone. Astro E-Liquid by Space Jam E-Liquid is for vapers who like a sweet, fruity vape that’s good enough to top their all-day-vape list.

Packaging and Branding

Space Jam E-Liquid went modern on their package design. It’s a sleek logo, a professional look, and manages to remain memorable without all of those excessive bells and whistles. On the box and the bottle’s label, you’ll see their Space Jam logo with a planet and the flavor name/profile. I really appreciate the use of modernity in their logo, because it keeps it looking fresh and you know exactly what the product is when you look at it.

How I Vaped Astro E-Liquid by Space Jam E-Liquid

This is another fruit blend that’s a bit more complex. You’ve got strawberry, Granny Smith apple, and peach. Sometimes when you mix together all of these fruit flavors, one tends to get lost, so I made sure I picked the right setup for this one. I vaped this e-liquid with the VSticking VMesh Tank, because the kanthal coils just enhance about every flavor I’ve tried them with. I paired that with my SMOK Species Mod.  


I wasn’t sure how all of these flavors were going to come together without one overpowering the other. But I kept my judgment at bay. On the inhale of this juice, I was getting the green apple flavor, but it wasn’t as tart as I expected it to be. The peach was floating around somewhere in the middle. I say somewhere, because it was way milder than anticipated. The exhale was when the strawberries came through at full strength.

I vaped this e-liquid for two weeks straight, in different ways, but I never noticed an improvement on the peach flavor, so that was a little disappointing. I will say that the rest of the flavors were absolutely spot on. You get the apple and strawberry no problem, no matter how you vape this juice.

Clouds and Throat Hit

The cloud production from Astro E-Liquid by Space Jam E-Liquid isn’t too bad. This is a 70/30 blend. Yeah, you aren’t going to be taken aback by the clouds. But they’re nice and dense and do linger in the room for a while. If you’re looking for a strong throat hit, this isn’t going to cut it. It’s a very smooth vape.

Product Information

VG/PG Ratio: 70/30

Available in 0-6mg of nicotine

Sold in 60ml unicorn bottle

Price is $19.99 for 60ml of e-liquid

Will Astro Blow Your Mind? Probably Not.

I have mostly good things to say about Astro E-Liquid by Space Jam E-Liquid. The only disappointment is the weak peach notes. Is this a nice all-day-vape option? Yes, it certainly is. But unfortunately, for me, it didn’t meet my expectations in beating out some of my other favorites. I wish that the apple had a bit more of a tart finish, as well as that peach flavor sort of disappointing.

But overall, this is a great juice, and if you aren’t a big fan of peach, you’ll hardly miss it. The price is pretty decent for the 60ml size, and if you like strong fruit flavor combos, this should tick nearly every box you have.

Purchase Astro E-Liquid by Space Jam E-Liquid here.

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