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Tropical frozen mixed drink best enjoyed with your feet dug deep in the sand. Arcadia from Om Vapors –  a midweek getaway in a bottle.

First Impressions:

The branding used by Om Vapors is really quite nice. They use the same general graphic design on all their e-liquid lines, with some minor variations, that works to keep everything consistent throughout. Everything from the large white Om logo, to e-juice names and the colorful background images work to give their bottles a bit of character. You won’t find any cartoon characters or vulgar wording here, and they’re definitely not needed! This just goes to show that a little extra work put in on label design can pay off in a big way.

Flavor Profile:

A blend of oranges and tropical pineapple accented with a touch of cream. Reminiscent of the orange ice cream filled ice cream bars you used to enjoy as a kid.


An acidic pineapple upfront with a bit of orange juice and zest filling in the cracks. There’s not much of a ‘cream’ characteristic to speak of, but it would also be rather hard to pick out among such strong fruits aromas.

My Setup:

Drop Dead 24mm with a single alien framed staple (.26ohms) from Saddlehorseblues, sitting on top of the Hypercar mod from Uwell. I had the airflow shutdown 3/4s and the wattage at 40-45 for this review.

If you’ve noticed that I’ve used the same two builds for the Om Vapors reviews, you’re right. It keeps things consistent; that way if something doesn’t seem quite right, I know it’s not my setup!


Front – Tart pineapples create the base of this flavor, with a squeezed orange juice smoothing things out a bit. I did not notice a cream at first, even after taking 3-4 long pulls. It was only after vaping for 5-10 minutes that I was able to find an ice cream-y type note. The filling reminds me of an ice cream pop that has sat out of the table a bit to melt, as opposed to the traditional orange creamsicle. There’s a good bit of acidity here, and I’d expect a 3-6mg bottle to have a fairly decent throat hit!

Middle – The pineapple calms down a bit, and works on the same level as the orange. Om Vapors did a pretty good job balancing the fruit flavors; there’s still a good amount of acidity, but it could have been a lot worse. I noticed the slightest hint of vanilla mixed with the cream, which helps to authenticate this vape.

End – Arcadia matches your typical orange pineapple creamsicle to the T. Equally amounts citrus fruit, and a nice  vanilla-laced cream filling working to cut through all that acidity. It’s like a throwback to middle school after a hot summer’s day.

Aftertaste – Very clean. Even after turning kicking the wattage up a bit, I never ran into lingering of any kind!

Cloud Production:

Om Vapors uses a 75/25 blend on all their liquids, and to be honest, I actually prefer it over the industry standard 70/30. You’re still not going to take first place at any cloud competitions, but it should be a satisfying amount of vapor for most.

Product Info:

Size/s – 30, 120ml

Available Nic – 0, 1.5, 3 and 6mg

VG/PG ratio – 75/25

Price – $24.99 (120ml)

Bottle type – 120 IDPE

Final Thoughts:

Arcadia is one of the more straightforward flavors I’ve tried from Om Vapors. It’s by no means simple, but rather well put together, and offers just enough flavor to keep things  interesting.

Recommendable? Fans of refreshing tropical liquids, or frozen beach side mixed drinks should find comfort in Arcadia!

ADV? Just enough complexity to keep things interesting, yet clean enough to vape all day! Only thing missing here is the sand.

Purchase Arcadia here.

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