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If you plan to visit a city park in Reno, Nev., and decide the moment in nature is right for a relaxing vaping experience, think again. Local government has enacted a full-fledged park vape ban.

If you do take a rip on your favorite device, you might be asked to exit the park. Or you could be thrown off the grounds. Or, in extreme situations, you could be charged by local authorities.

Reno officials are not messing around anymore. They want the parks’ air clean.

Or else …

“Violation of this provision may result in misdemeanor charges,” the city’s new ordinance stated.

As of Aug. 10, vaping and tobacco use of any kind have been prohibited at any of the city’s 87 parks. Reno’s city council enacted the park vape ban measure earlier this month after the bill’s introduction in July. The provision prohibits smoking within 100 feet of entrances, playgrounds, recreation facilities and sports fields unless otherwise designated. New signage will be prevalent at parks in the coming weeks, according to the Reno Gazette Journal.

Initially, the Reno Police Department does not intend to waste public resources by adding extra patrols to parks or having authorities actively enforce the new measure with additional foot patrols, the Reno Gazette Journal reported.

A recent police department announcement said officers likely will issue warnings and remind individuals of the new rule.

“The city does not anticipate law enforcement will be actively patrolling parks looking for violation of the ordinance,” city council members announced during the meeting, reported by the Reno Gazette Journal.

The new outdoor ordinance matches the rules for indoor facilities, said Andy Bass, director of parks, recreation, and community services.

“The neat thing about this is, it was not a staff or council-driven initiative,” Bass was quoted as saying. “It was really started by residents.”

And if the residents see you vaping in a park, you just may be asked to depart the premises.

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