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Storing vape juice.. Sounds like a pretty simple concept, and definitely does not need to be overly complicated. Knowing where to store your vape juice will help extend the longevity of all your favorite flavors!

I recently wrote an article on refrigerating e-liquids and if it was really worth the trouble. That piece turned out great, but I realize now that I should have discussed general e-liquid storage first. Because while it seems like a fairly simple concept, there are some places you never want to store vape juice.

I was inspired to write this article after witnessing some of the worst e-liquid storage practices over the past few months. From liquids kept on a car’s floor, to e-juice stored in the back of a truck bed toolbox. I knew it was time discuss the basics!

Why It’s Important to Store Vape Juice Properly

Storing e-liquid in the proper place, like other flavored food items, can be crucial to the stabilization of the product overall. Liquid nicotine, found in many e-juices, is constantly under threat of oxidation. And while it is a naturally occurring process that WILL take place over a certain period of time, taking note of the following can help extend that time:

Oxygen: exposure to the air. Ideally, you’d like to open your nicotine-containing e-juices as little as possible to minimize their oxygen exposure. Dry areas areas are ideal.

Heat: this can noticeably decrease the time your nicotine will take to oxidize. Storing flavored liquids in the fridge or freezer can help in a big way, but it is important to make sure your vape juice stays out of children’s reach!

UV Light: Sunlight. Another factor that can kill your e-liquid quicker than you think. Keep all bottles from direct sun exposure when ever possible.

Don’t Store It There

There are areas you’ll definitely want to stay away from when storing your liquid. Do not keep liquids in your car or truck any longer than you have to – it’s ok to commute with juice, but take it with you after you arrive at your destination. Even carrying vape juice in your pocket (away from the sunlight) is better than leaving it in your vehicle while at work.

A toolbox is perhaps the worst place to store any food items, and flavored e-liquids are no different. Exposure to high levels of heat and air will rapidly increase the oxidation process. And that’s not to mention the chance stray chemicals could transfer to the e-juice directly over time — it’s simply not worth the risk. Even the floor of your car is better choice than a work toolbox.

Where TO Store Vape Juice

Now that we’ve clarified where not to store, we can discuss some solid options moving forward.

Cabinets are a great place to store any liquid, just as they are ideal for foods. Exposure to wind and fast moving air and sunlight are all reduced significantly. Make sure to keep the liquids as far away from any heat source as humanly possible. Cabinets in the cool areas of the house, like the basement, are a great choice for your juices.

Utility rooms are perhaps the best place for storing e-juice other than a refrigerator. Exposure to sunlight is almost always eliminated, heat tends to stay rather low (especially if you have high efficiency utilities…), and free flowing air is kept to a minimum.

Your refrigerator and freezers are great areas to store vape juice. Heat is eliminated entirely along with sunlight. Exposure to oxygen is also substantially reduced. As long vape juice is kept out of the reach of children, or anyone under the age of 18 is made aware of the very real dangers of liquids containing nicotine, the fridge can be a win-win means of storage.

If you have children living in your household, and simply do not want to take the risk, a portable cooler can work in place of a refrigerator. You don’t necessarily have to use an ice pack either, just make sure you keep the cooler in a cool, dry area of the house.


You can now vape in peace knowing that all those tasty e-liquid flavors will last as long as they should! A little common sense goes a long way with vape juice storage!

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