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New to vaping? Have you tried it for a while but can’t seem to taste the flavor or create amazing vapor clouds people use to do tricks?

It’s all in the PG vs VG ratio.

Wait, what’s a PG/VG ratio? Most beginner vapers start out with cig-a-likes and don’t know the common vaping lingo. Cig-a-likes look like traditional cigarettes and you use them that way too, meaning you often don’t have to fiddle with their parts and e-liquid ratios.

That said, you should learn what PG/VG ratios are because they determine what kind of vaping experience you’ll get.

To better understand, here is a rundown of the basics and the effects of different PG vs VG ratios:

PG vs VG Basics

So what are PG and VG?

PG stands for Propylene glycol and is a synthetic petroleum by-product. Some people get put off by the mention of petroleum but there’s no need for alarm. The FDA approves its safety and companies used it for years for medical products and food-grade products too.

VG, on the other hand, stands for Vegetable glycerin. It comes from natural vegetable oils and sometimes carries a natural, sweet taste.

How safe is VG? You’ll find it in almost every common household item like toothpaste, shampoos, and beauty products. Because it’s a natural substance there’s no hazardous compound in it.

Each time you buy new e-liquid, take the time to turn the bottle to the side and read the label. You’ll see the PG vs VG ratio listed. The first number is always PG and the second number is always VG.

Both PG and VG are clear and odorless. They’re also flavorless liquids when in their base form. They’re also safer than cigarettes since they don’t deliver carbon monoxide, tar, or ammonia to the body.

Understanding the PG/VG ratio is only the beginning. Let’s dive further to tackle what each base liquid does and how they affect your vaping experience.

Getting a Higher PG Ratio

Why go for a higher PG ratio? PG is an effective agent in delivering nicotine and flavoring. If you’re the kind of smoker who needs a nicotine kick in your e-cigarette, a higher PG percentage is what you need.

Also, keep in mind that food flavoring often floats in a PG base. Even if your e-juice has a higher VG percentage, it will still contain PG because that’s what the juice’s flavors utilize.

PG isn’t only for providing a stronger flavor to your e-juice. When vaporized, it gives the user a strong throat hit. This is the closest feeling similar to the hit from a traditional tobacco cigarette.

If you’re vaping for the flavor, to get off nicotine addiction, or to quit smoking then a higher PG ratio is what you’re looking for.

But is there a downside to having a higher PG vs VG ratio? The one downside for many vapers is that you can’t cloud chase with high PG concentrations. Some people are also sensitive or allergic to propylene glycol, therefore, make it a point to test for allergies before stockpiling it.

Getting a Higher VG Ratio

Even without a high concentration of PG, vegetable glycerin carries a naturally sweet taste to it. That may be to the detriment of some, however, who prefer a traditional, nicotine kick. It’s not the strangest e-liquid flavor out there though.

With a higher VG ratio, you’ll get bigger, longer-lasting vapor clouds. This is crucial for cloud chasers – vapers who perform cloud tricks and performances.

VG also provides a softer hit to the throat and lungs, allowing you take in a big, full inhale. This provides a more fulfilling hit with each puff. It’s different than a traditional cigarette hit but it enables the vaper to feel the full impact.

This is due to the fact that you shouldn’t vape the same way you smoke a cigarette. Cigarettes demand short bursts but when you vape it has to be a slow, long inhale. More VG guarantees that this long inhale provides a better, stronger kick.

There are two main concerns, however, when it comes to a high VG percentage. The first issue is that your throat can feel dry and sore from the concentration. A quick break after a vaping session can help relieve and prevent further soreness.

A high VG percentage can also damage your vaping device over repeated use. Too much VG can wear down the coils and wicks of your device, eventually affecting the atomizer.

Most manufacturers now design their devices to work around this. If you vape high-VG liquids often, you may not even notice the shift in flavor from the wear and tear.

Common Ratio Combinations

Not sure which ratio combination you should try first? Here are five of the most common combinations you can test out to find what works for you:

High PG or Max PG

This type of combination was popular when vaping first hit the scene. They provide a strong nicotine and flavor kick but people soon discovered the thin vapor clouds it produces. For this reason, manufacturers now add more VG to create that highly-sought thick vapor cloud.

High VG or Max VG

If you don’t care about flavors but you do want to perform mind-boggling vapor cloud tricks, this is the combination for you. Keep in mind that even a “Max VG” combination still contains a trace of PG in it since e-juice flavors use PG as a base ingredient.


Always remember that the first number refers to PG while the latter refers to VG. That said, this mix is a near-perfect balance that provides a strong flavor and throat hit.


This combination is among the most popular today. It has a strong enough kick, but the sensation is smooth and easy on the user. The higher VG concentration also guarantees larger, thicker vapor clouds.


Use this combination for better vapor clouds without letting go of the flavor and nicotine delivery you’d expect from PG. It’s the best stepping stone before moving on to Max VG ratio combinations.

Discover More Vaping Tips Today

Finding the right PG vs VG ratio is all about understanding what they deliver and what your preference is.

Are you vaping to quit smoking? You might want a higher PG ratio.

Are you interested in performing vapor cloud tricks? VG is the more important base for you then.

Looking for more vaping tips and tricks? Uncertain about different flavors or how to find the right vaping device? Feel free to contact us now and we can help you find what you need.