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Vaping, parents approved.   

How about that for an advertising tagline?   

According to HealthDay News, a high percentage of parents believe vaping is significantly less risky than smoking.   

They may be right, but questions remain. 

Are they misinformed?  

Are they being “misled” by international tobacco companies?  

Are they taking enough precautions to protect their children from vaping-produced aerosols floating in the air?   

Those were all questions Senior Researcher Dr. Jonathan Winickoff attempted to answer in a study for Boston-based Massachusetts General Hospital.  

The study’s conclusion suggested a majority of 700 parents, mostly ex-smokers, had far stricter smoke-free policies at their homes. While 73 percent of the interviewed parents had banned smoking in their homes, only 25 percent took similar actions against vaping, HealthDay News reported.    

“We really think parents are being misled by ‘Big Tobacco,’ ” Winickoff said.   

For the past three-plus decades, Baby Boomers and Gen Xers were bombarded with languishing fears over secondhand cigarette smoke. E-cigarettes arrived on the scene over the past decade and were marketed as a safer alternative and a tool to quit smoking. The older generations immediately took to the news without thinking much of vaping’s possible long-term effects, the study indicated.   

Winickoff hopes his research helps spread a different message. That message is for parents to protect their kids. Vaping may, in fact, prove to be much safer than combustible cigarettes, but more parental guidance may be needed in regards to vaping precautions.     

“The aerosol produced by vaping is by no means ‘harmless’ water vapor,” said Linda Richter, who serves as director of policy research and analysis for Center on Addiction.    

Among the health issues associated with secondhand aerosols include irritation to eyes, lungs, and throats. Also, symptoms of asthma in children could worsen, according to HealthDay News.    

The World Health Organization has come out against indoor vaping.    

Vaping may be approved by a majority of parents, but is more parental control needed? 

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